‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap: Is NeNe bullying Porsha?

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So, just wondering what bug crawled up NeNe’s butt that she felt the need, once again, to light into Porsha like a feral cat on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” this week. Granted, I’d be in a crappy mood, too, if I was at a party where I felt pressure to buy ugly, overpriced jewelry from Cynthia’s sister, but picking this fight for the second time didn’t make much sense. After all, NeNe discovered that Porsha’s nerves are a little frayed when she brought up the topic of the younger woman being a shoddy soul sister in Savannah.

Porsha knows she’s a bad friend right now, but for some reason NeNe just can’t grasp the idea that other people in the world have 1) bigger problems and 2) do not live and breathe for the purpose of being in service to NeNe. I’m beginning to think NeNe has been spending too much time in Hollywood, despite “The New Normal” being yanked from the air (and not a moment too soon). Porsha’s world has been rocked, which means she doesn’t have a lot to give NeNe, whose biggest problems are… well, what are they? 

This is not to say I think Porsha is entirely innocent. The idea that she moved into NeNe’s neighborhood without waving hello just seems silly, and why wouldn’t she want to check in, anyway? I’m sure Porsha suspects that NeNe would have told her what every other sentient being in her orbit has already said — the house Porsha has chosen it too big, too expensive, and too far away from the places where she could actually meet eligible men to make sense for her. 

At least NeNe apologized for being mean, which is more than can be said for Kenya. Miss Twirl seems so irrate that the focus isn’t on her that she stomps out of the party and literally walks into traffic. Given that she’s wearing a “Gone with the Wind” neon red pantsuit, I’m not surprised that the car that almost runs her down swerves instead of stops, as the driver is probably afraid Crazypants will try to jump in while speaking in tongues.

I’m sure Kenya is peeved that she hasn’t had the opportunity to tell everyone at the ugly jewelry party that she has a BENTLEY that has been given to her by her NAMELESS AFRICAN BOYFRIEND and that a MAN who is TOTALLY BETTER THAN WALTER likes to SPOIL HER. Sorry for all the caps, but Kenya is an all-caps kind of gal. Of course, I feel for Crazypants after meeting her biological father earlier in the episode. If she’s the Queen of Brag, he’s the King of Bitch and Moan.

Seriously, the guy would not shut up, even before he’d left the damn airport — he hated Kenya’s neighborhood, her house, her overall decor, her chair, her floors (who hates wooden floors that passionately), even the contents of her damn refrigerator. Worst of all, he seems to be her “good” parent, in that he did not completely deny her existence. Kenya wants a confrontation with her bio mom, but I think her dad may have a point (the one sane thing he said during the whole episode) that she really needs to drop it. 

Sadly, Kenya doesn’t big the biggest batch of crazy to this episode — that high mark may have been reached by Kandi. During a totally sane and measured conversation with Todd about her play and the possibility of him taking on another job, she begins sobbing. She doesn’t (sob) want Todd (sob) to make a decision (sob) because of her! Todd looks at her as if she’s just grown another head and pretty much says, um, wasn’t going to, you know. Even though I know Todd and Kandi are engaged, I’m starting to think Todd just isn’t that in to Kandi, or Kandi is overestimating his commitment to her stupid play.

As Kenya likes to point out, no one wants to do the chitlin’ circuit (NeNe least of all, but then, she has delusions of grandeur), and I’m not getting the impression Kandi is taking this to Broadway, anyway. Kandi seems to think keeping the production all in the family is a brilliant idea, but Todd, who is starting to seem way too sane for all this mishegoss, thinks that maybe people who have actually, you know, put on a musical might be the way to go. Crazy, right? 

Speaking of crazy, I’m not sure why Mal wants to spend two solid months with Cynthia and Peter. Even though Peter seems entirely put out that Cynthia’s sister is going to be in his hair, he has no problem fighting with Cynthia over the lack of frequency in their sex life as Mal is standing right there. If I were Mal, I’d be using this time to speed dial Best Western, but she’s probably hoping her presence will be such an irritant to Peter he’ll just pick up and leave. The problem is, of course, if he picks up and leaves Cynthia will realize he’s spent all her money, and we probably want to leave that little dust-up for a laster episode. Kidding! I hope.

Do you think NeNe is a bully? Do you think Kenya should confront her mom? What do you think about Kandi and Todd’s relationship? 

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