‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap: Should Cynthia trust Peter?

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It's one week until the season finale of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and all of the major continuing story lines seem to be reaching a boil. Interestingly, though, only one of them seems to involve a conflict between two of the ladies. No, the rest of the gang has bigger problems, like foreclosures, clothing lines, and a dead dog. Even that one interpersonal conflict isn't just a silly argument about who said what and whose feelings were hurt. If I didn't know better, I might think our Housewives were all grown up! 

Kandi has nothing personal against Porsha, but is irritated with her the way a manager at McDonald's might be upset with a perpetually tardy employee who keeps giving people fries when they want side salads. Actually, I'm not even sure Porsha could get it together to work in fast food. Or maybe I should be saying that about her sister/assistant Lauren, who doesn't seem to understand how e-mail attachments work. 

In happier business news, NeNe is getting a line on HSN, because it is a rule that all Housewives will start a bag/clothing/underwear/girdle and/or jewelry line at some point. While we get plenty of time to see NeNe offer her valuable input on what works and doesn't (in short, whether or not she'd wear it), the more interesting meeting is the one she has with her manager, Steven “Shorty” Grossman. He must be so thrilled to have NeNe call him Shorty on national TV, don't you think?

Steven asks NeNe why she passed on John Stamos' new show and “Mr. Box Office” with Jon Lovitz. NeNe shrugs. It's not like she read either script. She wants to do things that “elevate” her, like drama. Because when I think NeNe Leakes, I think drama. When Steve very gently suggests she take some more acting classes, as drama requires little tricks like crying on cue, NeNe says she could got to some, but not, like a lot. Her rawness and naturalistic approach is what directors are looking for!

I won't argue that NeNe can deliver a punchline with sass, but I really think she's overestimating her abilities. More importantly, she takes such a superior attitude with her manager, I have to think anyone accidentally watching “RHOA” who might be in a position to hire her for these serious, elevating dramas she thinks she deserves to do will think better of it right quick. The diva thing has taken her far, but it isn't going to get her an Oscar — not when she wants to tell everyone how she knows acting better than, oh, professionals.

Oh, and Shorty, I mean Steve, wants NeNe to do “Scandal.” Not that NeNe's seen it. She doesn't have time to keep up with Hollywood! 

Another Housewife making what seem to be poor decisions is Cynthia. When Peter finally decides to tell her that Bar One (and Industry and thus the Bailey Agency) might be foreclosed upon, as the landlord hasn't been paying the mortgage, she's understandably incensed. Peter has known about this for ages, and only decides to tell her when it looks like the foreclosure might come down next week. Cynthia tries to fly into a rage, but somehow Peter manages to flip the script and make it all about how Cynthia doesn't trust him. “I play the Lotto every week!” he tells her in what's apparently supposed to make her feel at ease. Oh, and as she walks out, probably with the sinking feeling she's married a lout, he asks her to make him a drink. I wish Peter was half as good at business as he is at playing Cynthia, because they'd be rolling in money. 

I don't know what it is about “The Real Housewives” franchise, but it is really, really bad for dogs. This season Brandi's dog was lost/possibly eaten by coyotes on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and now this. Kenya let Velvet out and, moments later, the Yorkie was eaten by a neighbor's dog. Kenya is crushed. Yes, she gets it together long enough to apply false eyelashes and let in a camera crew as well as her aunt, but I do think her grief is real. 

Kenya decides to have a memorial service, but she only tells Kandi and Cynthia her bad news. Did anyone else think Cynthia's big reaction was followed by a smile, as if she thought Kenya might be joking? It's not something to joke about, of course, but with Kenya, you never know.

I did really love the way the show intercut between Joyce and Todd talking things out and Kandi's musical,  didn't you? Even though Joyce can't stop being insulting (“I didn't stop liking you; I stopped respecting you” she says, as if that helps anything ever), Todd's unflappable nature seem to be cooling Joyce's jets. Since we know (thank you, tabloids) that Todd and Kandi got married not long ago, even if this storyline blows up in the finale this season, we know there's a happy ending in the works. 

So, next week we get Kenya's dog memorial, more Cynthia and Peter fighting, and possibly a taste of what happens when Kandi's musical goes up. Let's hope only one of these things makes us want to cry. I'm talking about the dog memorial, in case you're conflicted.

Do you think NeNe's making smart choices? Would you have a memorial for your dog? Do you think Porsha is going to mess up Kandi's musical?

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