‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Was NeNe out of line with Kenya?

02.17.14 4 years ago 3 Comments


Remember when Kenya was NeNe’s most loyal supporter? Yeah, well, that’s over. I think there’s plenty of wrong to go around in this situation, but this time I actually side with (eek!) Peter. Kenya’s event was for charity, and while she made a mistake in not calling NeNe to tell her about the masquerade ball/bachelor auction, NeNe should have trusted her gut and stayed at home. By showing up only to throw shade and give a snippy little speech before stomping out, she looked far worse than a no-show.

What’s really unfortunate is that NeNe wasn’t able to admit she was being an asshat when Peter called her on it. No, NeNe had to defend her pretty indefensible position. Given that Peter is just as much of a stubborn diva as NeNe, it looks like this argument is going to continue into next week, not that NeNe has the patience for that. She says she has a lot going on — but I’m not sure exactly what that is. As Kenya points out, it’s not like her phone is ringing off the hook with job offers. 

Someone who does get a job offer is Porsha. I think Porsha would have actually needed to poop herself during the audition not to get the role, even though Kandi acts like she was just overrun with “big stars” for the role of Jada. Whatever her talent level, Porsha was going to bring in curiosity seekers, and either way, that means ticket sales. I think Kandi’s a good enough business person to realize that even if Porsha crashed and burned, it could only be a good thing for her production. Of course, Porsha is determined not to crash and burn. Even though she can’t remember her character’s name for some reason, she’s going for Tonys! Le sigh.

Of course, I may be overestimating Kandi. I had thought that this week, when Camron informed her that her mother had actually offered a guy money to trick Todd into a compromising position and then photograph the “evidence,” she’d finally decide which side she was on. Instead, she tells Todd about her mother’s stupid, hateful plot — and starts making excuses for her.

Todd pretty calmly informs Kandi that if she keeps glossing over Joyce’s increasingly crazy efforts to send him packing, he’ll actually do it. Kandi thinks this just confirms why she’ll always pick family over friends and fiancés — her mother may treat her like crap, but she’ll never abandon her! Todd and Camron just look at Kandi like she’s stupid. They convince her to see a therapist, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to make sure she goes, even if they have to drive her to the appointments and carry her inside the office. 

Too bad no one has that kind of pull with Kenya. Though I think NeNe wins the week in terms of acting like a brat in public, it seems Kenya has decided her new best friend is Marlo. You remember, the same Marlo who was too crazy for NeNe to deal with. As Cynthia points out they’ve somehow become fast friends, grooming each other like “two little puppies” during the bachelor auditions (Cynthia says puppies; I say monkeys) and cooing over one another’s eyebrows. Marlo’s appearance is never a good sign. Actually, I take that back. Marlo is synonymous with chaos, and I am so very curious to see what happens when Kenya and Marlo tag team NeNe, aren’t you?

Do you think NeNe was in the wrong, Kenya was in the wrong or both? Do you think Peter should have kept his mouth shut? And do you think Porsha will hit it out of the park in Kandi’s play? 

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