‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Would Kenya be a good mom?

01.20.14 3 years ago 4 Comments


Didn’t you love the resounding silence that met Kenya’s announcement she was going to have a baby? Somehow? It seems her aunts Lisa and Lori know Kenya about as well as we do, and I bet they’re thinking they’re going to have to call Child Protective Services if, in fact, Kenya does manage to get herself knocked up with some batch of mystery sperm as yet to be determined.

But hey, maybe I’m being too harsh. After all, Kenya lavishes love, attention and silly little outfits on her dog Velvet, so maybe she’ll cherish a baby, too. As long as it’s cute. God forbid Kenya have an ugly kid. She’ll try to return it to Neiman Marcus. 

Amazingly, Kenya wasn’t the real troublemaker of the episode, even if she did bring the crazy. That distinction goes to Cynthia, who is trying to drag a new friend into the circle of hell that is “RHoA.” After Natalie and her “husband” (we’ll get to that issue later) Christopher have an awkward meeting with Peter and Cynthia, Peter reveals that he turned his anniversary outing into a double date just to force Christopher to sing for them. Cynthia thinks this is so romantic! I think it’s just uncomfortable, but tomato tomahto. Cynthia gets more than she expected, though — in addition to the song, she learns Natalie’s very best friend used to date Todd… and she knows of him as a “hustler.” Later, Natalie will go to the mat to make it clear she only called Todd a hustler and NOT an opportunist. Because hustler sounds better? 

Anyway, all of this comes to a head when Cynthia organizes a girls’ outing to a vineyard and invites Natalie (NeNe also drags along Marlo, who was Kenya before we had Kenya). While Natalie is so excited to drop some truth on Kandi about her fiance, Kenya actually sort of (only sort of) comes to Kandi’s defense. Natalie may not think much of Todd, but Kenya knows that her “husband” isn’t exactly the most trustworthy guy in the world — it turns out Kenya was on tour with Christopher years ago, and Christopher talked about Natalie as a girlfriend, a common-law wife, and a groupie. 

Of course, all this has to bubble to the surface before lunch is even served, and as Kenya and Natalie get into it, the story of Todd’s opportunistic approach to dating is revealed to Kandi. So what does Kandi do?

She embraces it. So, Todd is dating up? Hell, yes, he’s dating up! That just means she’s the hottest gal in Atlanta, people! Kandi not only doesn’t care that Natalie’s throwing shade, she’s embracing it. The other gals hoot and laugh and everyone (with the exception of Natalie) seems hugely relieved not to be fighting for once. On to the important part — drinking! 

I’m not sure Kandi’s really as confident as she seems to be about her relationship, especially with Todd flip-flopping about working on her musical, but I think she just may have come up with the only fight-ending tactic that has ever worked in the history of “The Real Housewives” franchise. Well-played, Kandi. Well-played.

Do you think Kenya will be a good mom? Do you think Kandi handled Natalie’s accusations well? Do you think Cynthia should have kept her mouth shut about what Natalie knew? 

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