‘Reaper,’ ‘Tucson’ star finds ‘True Love’ on CBS

03.30.10 7 years ago

The CW

Tyler Labine, rapidly becoming the master of second position casting, has landed a role in the CBS comedy pilot “True Love.”
Written by Matt Tarses, “True Love” focuses on four friends in New York City, several in love and several not. Jason Biggs plays Henry, a lawyer who falls in love with a beautiful stranger (Minka Kelly).
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Labine will play Henry’s best friend, a fellow lawyer. 
The trade explains that Labine was originally offered the role two months ago, but he didn’t want to sign on for a new pilot before FOX’s “Sons of Tucson” even premiered. Dan Fogler was cast instead. Then “Sons of Tucson” premiered and Labine was able to see the ratings figures and suddenly he’s back in play after three subpar performances after “Family Guy.”
Last season, with The CW’s “Reaper” staring cancellation in the eye, Labine landed the lead in “Tucson.” Just as “Tucson” was always in second position to “Reaper,” “True Love” will remain in second position to “Tucson.”
Other credits for Labine include “Invasion” and “Boston Legal.”

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