Recap: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ – ‘Welcome to New Zealand’

04.28.10 7 years ago

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Anslee is gone, and six girls remain for Cycle 14 of “America’s Next Top Model” — you know, the rustic sheep cycle! This episode sees the girls traveling to New Zealand to do their go-sees and check out the, um, fashion scene. Well, to its credit, New Zealand probably has a seriously ferocious wool sweater industry. Anyway, it”s down to Jessica, Alasia, Krista, Alexandra, Raina and Octomom — I mean, sorry, Angelea. At this point, Raina, Krista and Angelea have the strongest portfolios, but Alasia just may have the most raw talent in the bunch, and Alexandra, last time I checked, still has those killer looks. Jessica, well, it takes all kinds.

[Full recap of Wednesday’s (April 28) “America’s Next Top Model” after the break…]

The girls take off for Kiwi Land, with Octomom of course gloating the whole time about her getting to ride in first class — a treat she didn”t even earn. Krista takes to New Zealand immediately and says she”ll never leave. Let”s hope she keeps taking amazing photos.

The girls touch down and are taken to a volcano, where they are greeted by male Maori dancers in little skirts. We also learn that Air New Zealand has been sponsoring a Fashion Week in that country, and it”s getting bigger every year, so, that”s why we”re all here. Shoot. I thought my sweater theory was pretty kickass.

Anyway, no time is being wasted here. The girls are immediately sent out on go-sees. Traditionally, the go-sees are the downfall of whatever girl can”t read a map or organize herself. Octomom”s strategy is to visit the out-of-the-way clients first, and she seems to be an instant hit with all who meets her. Specifically, Octomom has a great walk and is dubbed sexy. Raina pulls an underhanded move and runs ahead of Alexandra, beating her to a go-see. Karma bites Raina in the ass a few go-sees later, when Krista does better than she does at a swimwear client. Alasia charms her first client and is told she looks amazing.

Jessica only does meh; she”s seen as too commercial for the designers. She”s also getting a lot of time in the confessional booth, where she talks about her problems with self-esteem, and how she got married and had a baby so early in life and whatnot. That generous amount of camera time tends to be an early sign that she”s in the bottom two this week. At the end of the day, still, she manages to charm at least one designer.

Alexandra”s biggest setback is her look: her skin is bad, and she shows up looking sloppy in Ugg boots. All the designers are turned off.

And now we know who gets flattened in this challenge: Yes, Raina and Krista arrive back at headquarters late. But only Alasia forgets her map and is the last one to drag herself back to headquarters — at 45 minutes. Sara Tetro, host of New Zealand”s Next Top Model, is there to go over the results. Raina, Krista and Alasia are asked to leave the room. Angelea wins, of course; a whole bunch of designer goodies await her at the new house in New Zealand. It”s a penthouse suite.

A beautiful rainbow and a view of the Pacific Ocean greets the girls the next morning.

“I always knew the world was out there but I never thought I would, like, experience that,” Alasia marvels.

The next TyraMail indicates that sheep will be involved in their next challenge. There are, indeed, sheep at the challenge. Nigel is also there, as is Mr. Jay. They tell the girls that all contestants will be wearing the same Lloyd Klein dress, and will be posing with a ram. Alexandra is up first, and she delivered regal results for photographer Nigel. Jessica is told to go with the moment, which, for Jessica, involves falling on her ass, both figuratively and literally.

Alasia came to set looking great, but, like Jessica, she flops.

“She gave me nothing,” Nigel complains.

Raina is up next and does stellar. Then comes Angelea, who can”t seem to crawl out from her own billowing ego. She focuses on the garment too much as well.

Lastly: Krista. Brilliant, as usual. She even is confident enough to lean against the sheep, and it looks great.

Panel time! Guest judge: Tetro.

Raina gets rave reviews from all judges. Even though she was wearing the same dress, Alasia doesn”t do so well. Now comes Alexandra, who wins the compliment of “dressitude, not dreckitude.”

Poor Jessica. She just doesn”t have that “it.” Her face isn”t memorable enough on its own and she”s told to evoke more drama. Krista is up next, and she also wins perfect marks. She looks like she”s flying in the dress.

When Angelea is called on, her ego is officially out of control. She wears a dress that is too clubby, and she insists on taking extra time to strut back and forth in it, waving and pointing to imaginary fans. The judges look deeply confused; her shot is equally puzzling. It has none of Angelea”s usual flair.

 The callout: Krista, Alexandra, Raina, and Angelea, who gets dressed down for, well, being such a downer sometimes.

Bottom two: Jessica and Alasia. Alasia, of course, comes under fire for lacking the focus to match her untapped talent. Pretty Jessica is inconsistent and commercial, commercial, commercial. Still, she gets to stay. Alasia is sent home, but it”s no tragedy; Alasia is young enough that she can still rise to success in the industry if she disciplines herself. And for God”s sake, quits yelling about everything.

Next week: Tension between Krista and Octomom — and Tyra gets behind the lens.

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