Recap: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ – ‘Franca Sozzani’

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We”re down to the final four, and Jane appears to have lost her personality in back the baggage claim at the Venice airport. That”s bad news, for, despite her lovely cube-shaped head, she isn”t all that memorable compared to the rest of the girls left on this 15thTK cycle of “America”s Next Top Model.”

[Recap of Wednesday’s (Nov. 17) “America’s Next Top Model” after the break…]

“Going home is not an option,” confirms Kayla, who, really, will probably be in the final two. But will her rival be Chelsey (probably) or Ann (that would be nice for shy tree creature girls everywhere, but no).

Italian acting coach Barbara Terrinoni meets the girls to discuss how to make the most of the two personalities the four of them are sharing.

“Smile,” Terrinoni says to Ann. “Not like Frankenstein!”

Now that”s a confidence builder right there. Thanks Italian acting coach! After that booster, where do we go from here? To meet one of the most important people in the fashion industry ever: Franca Sozzani, the editor of Italian Vogue! And it”s an official challenge; the girls must each present themselves to her, while Andre Leon Talley lurks in a corner and judges in high-fashion silence.

Chelsey and Jane manage to name drop a few names; Kayla doesn”t show much character, according to Sozzani.

Ann manages to speak to Sozzani and make eye contact at the same time. But she”s judged interesting enough in her photos that maybe they”ll let her stick around.

Chelsey wins the challenge; she gets to go see the DaVinci masterpiece The Last Supper, and then stay at a fancy hotel with the rival of her choice. She picks Kayla. Chelsey, being Catholic, cries at the sight of that giant wall Jesus. Then they report to their hotel room, which features a view of Gucci on the street below.

They rub it in to the other girls on their way to their elimination shoot in Verona.

The challenge here is to act out a wedding scene in what they”re calling a “motion editorial”. The stunning reveal, delivered by Mr. Jay: two girls will be going home afterward. A quick math lesson from Jane follows: That means her changes of sticking around after this are “significantly reduced.”

Chelsey is up first; she doesn”t get it and gapes like a salmon, but she finds her stride eventually. Ann is next and she actually does not suck; in fact she even pulls off a few “magic moments”. Kayla, gyrating and backlit in a doorway, makes Tyra howl with delight.

Jane also gets into it too, but for her that just translates into looking like a prettier corpse. In perhaps the most obnoxious moment of the day”s shoot, each girl has to stare into the camera and whisper her own naaa-mmmme. (Annnnnnnnnn!)

Panel time! Sozzani of Italian Vogue is back as the guest judge.

First Chelsey is called forth unto the panel. Nigel likes her diversity; Sozzani is surprised and impressed. She radiates hunger.

“Your Chelseeeeeeey gave me chills,” Tyra raves.

Jane looks adorable at panel, and Tyra declares that she did good work, and, as Nigel points out, the camera loves her, at least, on this shoot.

Ann needed to angle her head down more often, and her weirdness made Tyra happy, but she still needs to learn how to walk.

Enter Kayla. Kayla greatly impresses everyone; she also gives the more realistic whisper of her own name, for what that is worth.

So which two girls go home, and which two get to go in and walk in a fashion show for — whoa — Roberto Cavalli?

First surprise of the night: Ann is called first. That means that either Chelsey or Kayla needs to go home, which doesn”t seem right given their raw potential and desire for the top spot. We won”t mention Jane at this point.

Chelsey is called out for not having stronger pictures given her past experience. Kayla is criticized for not mastering her angles yet. Jane gets criticized for being Jane.

Chelsey makes the final cut. It”s a small piece of justice; she clearly wants the title the most. Jane and Kayla are both sent home with high compliments; Tyra thinks both of those two can be stars regardless of the competition.

What do you think of the Top Two? Who’s gonna win?

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