Recap: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ – ‘Margherita Missoni’

11.04.10 7 years ago

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We’re down to the final six in this cycle of “ANTM,” and you have to give it to Liz. She whines about everything, but at least that “everything” includes her own work.

“My commercial was horrible,” she mentions. “It was God-awful.”

Yes, the product for said commercial is even sillier than the commercial itself, but Tyra is Tyra, and she”s allowed to be as silly as she wants, fools.

[Full recap of Wednesday’s (Nov. 3) night’s “Top Model” adventure after the break…]

Miss Jay arrives in her Wilma Flintstone samurai topknot and announces that they shall get on some bikes and go to a bridge, where they will be diving and doing a shoot. No sooner do we learn that Ann cannot swim — because she is part tree — than Tyra arrives in a gondola and says we”re all going to Italy. (There is no diving shoot, capiche?)

So they get in a plane and go to Venice, Italy, is the point.

Liz, being Liz, complains that it”s, like, hot. Then she complains after a bird poops on her arm.

In a totally not-staged adventure, the girls find a little cafe and get some wine and wax on about how amazing this is. I don”t have the heart to mention that this is not Milan.

TyraMail! “Don”t be seduced by your surroundings, or you might fall overboard,” the letter says. Which translates into, of course, lounging across a gondola while corseted within an inch of their young lives. Kayla bitches once again about the fact that she needs to interact with a male model, who, in this case, will be channeling Cassanova.

He”s named Mario. He”s dreamy. But never mind that. This is a high-fashion corset shoot. Strap those girls in! Slap on that rouge! We have drama to create!

Kayla. Chris and Liz are in the first group to be shot with Mario. Chris and Liz turn off the photographer, Simone, with some awkward moments, but Kayla manages to deliver some terrific shots.

“She made it the most believable,” Mr. Jay raves.

Liz is a torrent of complaints. Chris disappears into Mario”s neck. Can”t blame her — did we mention Mario is hot? — but it doesn”t translate into fash.

Ann, we are reminded, is shy, so let”s see if she screws up in her three-shot with Jane and Chelsey

Yep. Ann looks petrified, while Chelsey owns the gondola and Jane vamps it up in the background. Mr. Jay sums it up when he says that Ann “seems to be losing her confidence.”

They”re also giving her a lot of camera time this episode — another sign she might be going home.

It starts to rain. Normally that would make Ann perk up for obvious reasons, but it doesn”t work.

That”s the bad news. The good news is that they”re out of there. They are, in fact, going to Milan. The apartment is tiny, and there aren”t a ton of beds. Tyra sneaks in and scares the living daylights out of everyone before she helps them find a few hidden beds. She also reveals that this is a real live model apartment.

Liz cries anyway because she”s not with her bayyyy-bee. I know one way to solve her problem.

The girls go to Missoni headquarters. Angela and Margherita Missoni and Miss Jay are there. It”s essentially a go-see, where the girls are asked to try on items from the Missoni winter collection.

Ann walks for the designers first, followed by a very bouncy Chelsey. There is no instant gratification; the girls are all sent back to a tiny holding room with no air conditioning. Chelsey says she tends to overheat.

Panel time! Guest judge: Margherita Missoni. Chelsey owns the shot even though she isn”t looking at the camera. Ann manages to impress Nigel by channeling an aristocrat. Jane impresses Andre Leon Talley with her sexy pose.

Finally, a bunch of girls look like they”re about to faint and they”re all allowed to sit as the second group is judged. Tyra isn”t all that sympathetic; “we must sit fiercely,” she chides.

Nigel has mixed feelings about Chris”s shot, which Andre Leon Talley likes not at all. Talley doesn”t like Liz”s pose either; it”s hootchie. Liz tries to complain and make an excuse; Talley plows right through her. That leaves Kayla, who is the star of the group photo.

So who goes home? The callout:

Kayla, Jane, Chelsey, Ann. The bottom two: Chris and Liz.

Chris is called out for having photos that do not match her personality. Liz gets thrashed for being a whiner.

Chris”s personality pulls her through, and Liz gets to go home to her bayyyy-beee.

Next week: It”s go-see time.

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