Recap: ‘Battlestar Galactica’ goes for camp with ‘The Oath’

01.31.09 9 years ago 9 Comments

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Anyone getting that sinking feeling that perhaps “BSG” has gone on one half a season too long? 

As with any serialized series, there is always the chance that the storyline gets so immense and complicated that it veers off track as the writers try to steer their way to a satisfactory resolution.  That hasn’t been a problem for “Galactica” so far, but the last few episodes are showing serious strains in the direction of the series.  A coup attempt drawn out over three episodes?  Really?  It just feels like filler at this point.

The weakest link in this whole scenario has been making Gaeta the series’ latest villain.  It would be one thing if the one-legged Colonial officer had some true motivation, but his reasoning sounds like a spoiled teenager than anything else.  Making things more frustrating (and we haven’t talked about how the show’s first gay, er, bi male character is a freakin’ bad guy) is that Alessandro Juliani is not a strong enough actor to pull this off.  Perhaps that’s why Moore and Eick resisted bringing Gaeta to the forefront for so long?  It’s as if Sulu finally became captain of the Excelsior, but sucked (which obviously wasn’t the case). 

This episode’s “revolution” also featured way too many scenes that bordered on pure camp.  The show started off strong with Tigh’s private shock, wonderfully understated by Michael Hogan, at Roslin’s breakfast appearance in Adama’s cell after some obvious hanky panky.

Besides Juliani’s unconvincing evil turn, how about Saul and Adama acting like two action heroes out of a Bruckheimer flick?  Gutsy, unexpected, and fun for sure, but such an easy out plot wise.

More campy fun? How about the witty tête-à-tête between Baltar and Roslin where they both admit that they might be frauds? And while any longtime viewer truly doubts Roslin thinks that, it’s one of the episodes more inspired exchanges.  Plus, it was a nice to see Baltar hasn’t changed his spots and is relieved to get our of his cult at any opportunity, as dangerous as the current circumstances are.  And his call to Gaeta towards the end of the episode seemed like an oddly placed bit of foreshadowing, but of what is unclear.  You just know he’s somehow going to be involved in Gaeta’s eventual fate.

And can we even talk about Katee Sackhoff forgetting she isn’t shooting “Bionic Woman” anymore?  She hasn’t shown any depth to her character (whatever Starbuck currently is) since her “resurrection” last season.  We love the Sackhoff, but it’s clear she was counting the days while they shot this.

(Also, what was with Jamie Bamber this episode?  Was he sick during shooting or something?  He sounds stuffed up half the time.)

So, like a great space opera the episode ends on a big cliffhanger which really isn’t one once you watch the next chapter’s preview. Still..

[Spoilers ahead]

Can Adama and Tigh survive alone vs. a whole squadron?  Will they die in an explosion? (Again, it appears so).

And what does Roslin’s “I’m coming for all of you!” mean? Besides the fact she sounds like she was just possessed by the devil? And would it not be a fitting end to Gaeta to have his death at the greatest traitor of all, Baltar?

On to next week’s “Blood on the Scales.” Ominous indeed.

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