Recap: ‘Big Brother’ Sunday – HoH, Nominations and a Decent Proposal

09.07.14 3 years ago


When we left things on Thursday night, Nicole and Christine were sent packing, which wasn't exactly shocking, though maybe we're supposed to be surprised by how close Frankie came to being backdoored.

Oh and then we had the introduction of The Reset Button, which will either change the game forever or else not change the game at all.

Let's see how things go on Sunday (September 7) and let's see if Jordan accepts Jeff's proposal!

8:04 p.m. ET. We pick up with the hamsters hearing the loud boos that greeted Christine when she stormed out of the House. “That means that we made the right choice,” Frankie says. Cody is nervous, because he spent a lot of time cuddling with Christine. And, as we saw, the hamsters were also pondering the newly introduced Reset Button. Caleb, if you'll recall, wanted to touch the button. Frankie was threatening to kill Caleb if he pushed Button. As with everything Frankie-related, this is a ruse, as he tells us that he's planning to push the Button the first chance he gets. There aren't that many places the Button could have been and they find it in the old Have-Not room. “It's not going to be good,” Frankie says out-loud. Derrick thinks that he's played a good game and he doesn't want to mess it up. Caleb has many possible ideal endings that could come from pushing the Button, but “The Choice Is Yours” says a sign.

8:09 p.m. Frankie tells Cody that his relationship with Christine looked bad for her, hence the booing. “It's a little different when you're married,” Frankie says. Somewhat despicably the guys all make it clear that Cody was blameless and Christine was violating a sacred code. The guys tell Cody that he was playing the game, but she was looking at him with love. That was some repulsive slut-shaming and misogyny, boys! “We'll see when I walk out if I get booed,” Cody says. The guys are all happy that they've cleared out the women, barely counting Victoria as a warm body, much less a threat. The Bomb Squad is heading for the end and Victoria is out next, unless Frankie has to go up next. “If Caleb or I win the Head of Household, now's gonna be the time to take a shot at a huge player like Frankie,” Cody says. We've reached the point where, if Derrick doesn't win, I'm absolutely rooting for Victoria.

8:16 p.m. Oh right. We still don't have a Head of Household. There are fake cows and giant shovels in the backyard. The goal is to “plant” “seeds” at the end of the shovel. The seeds are bouncy and the shovels are like balance-beam teeter-totters and if they knock the seeds off, they have to start again. “I'm feeling pretty alone in this game,” Frankie says. “I have to show these boys that I'm a force to be reckoned with,” says Victoria, who isn't really a force to be reckoned with. Complicating matters is fake rain. Victoria begins struggling and Frankie begins mocking her, while Cody keeps knocking seeds out and starting over again. I do like that we've had a few reasonably difficult challenges in a row. This, plus the snowman HoH? They actually ask something of the hamsters. It's down to Frankie and Caleb, with Derrick silently rooting for Caleb, because he's more trustworthy and easier to manipulate.

8:26 p.m. The seeding continues and Caleb and Frankie remain the only players who matter, though Cody insists that if the favorites stumble, he can be right back in it. Basically, nobody gives Victoria a chance. For good reason. Caleb spills his seeds and Frankie declares it his competition to lose. Frankie's down to his last seed and… He wins! This means that Victoria is going home, unless Victoria suddenly pulls off the PoV, which would be exciting if nothing else. “It might be time for me to take a shot at them,” he muses.

8:30 p.m. The plastic dome has been removed from the Button. “We have to push the Button!” Frankie says out loud, reversing course from earlier. They vote. Cody and Frankie want to push the Button. “As a fan of the show, I want to crush that Button,” Derrick says, but as a Houseguest, he isn't so sure. Victoria isn't sure. Finally, they cave and push the Button. A countdown begins. Something is only five days away. “A countdown like that is usually for an armageddon or a bomb, not nothing good,” Derrick worries. “If my balls wouldn't have dropped,” Victoria worries to Derrick, who's reassuring Victoria that she won first place for the girls. “Derrick, you're the best ever,” Victoria glows, properly placated. Frankie isn't sure how to make his decision, while Caleb is trying to sway him by wandering around in his boxers for no particular reason. 

8:38 p.m. Ding-Dong. “That's the doorbell!” Victoria says correctly. Who's at the door? It's form “Amazing Race” contestants Jeff and Jordan! They're also two-time “Big Brother” veterans and they're the couple that made Cody want to play the game. “Jeff is every girl's dream,” says Victoria, who figures most girls are weirdly tolerant of homophobia and irrational fears of Dumbledore. Jeff is not impressed by the smell or state of cleanliness in the House. Cody is mortified, because he doesn't smell anything. Jeff and Jordan tell them that a competition is coming. Jordan thinks it's a luxury competition. But Jeff has something else up his sleeve. His words. Not mine.

8:42 p.m. “We're not here for a competition,” he tells her. “No you're not!” Jordan giggles. “Is this a joke?” she interrupts his proposal. It's a pretty big ring and Jordan says “Yes.” The hamsters weren't allowed in the backyard for this. “This is real,” he says. “This doesn't feel real,” Jordan says, somewhat disappointed there isn't a competition. Out comes Jordan's dog and then their families join them. Still no hamsters in the backyard. “This is the House that brought us together,” Jordan gushes, admitting that she's been giving ultimatums for a while. Finally, the hamsters come out with a cake. But Jeff has one more surprise. They're getting a performance by Brett Eldredge. This makes Jordan very happy and Brett comes into the backyard, seemingly at gunpoint, like Tom Jones in that “Simpsons” episode when Mr. Burns wooed Marge. Caleb is very excited about Brett Eldredge. Eldredge performs as we're treated to a montage of Jeff and Jordan's best moments, including a night-vision moment of intimacy. I always liked Jordan. I wish I liked Jeff more. Still, it's a sweet moment. “Did I knock your socks off?” he asks. “Yes, you did,” she tells him.

8:54 p.m. Nomination time. Victoria is 99 percent sure, but she's determined to either take herself off the block, or to make the person next to her go home. Cody keeps babbling about big moves. Caleb is too giddy about Brett Eldredge to worry about nominations. Frankie nominates Cody and Victoria. “Please don't take these nominations as an insult, but rather as a compliment,” Frankie says. “I'm not going anywhere,” says Victoria, who has dodged eviction six times previously. “If Frankie thinks he's taking a shot at me, he'd better hit, because if not I'm coming back after him,” Cody says. Did that at least count as a Big Move?

8:58 p.m. Remember: Episodes on TUESDAY and Wednesday for the next two weeks.

Are you happy for Jeff and Jordan? Are you a bit disgusted about the Christine/Cody thing? How do you feel about Frankie's nominations?

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