Recap: ‘Big Brother’ Sunday – Rachel’s nominations

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You know, I can”t say I”m 100 percent behind chemistry geeks Brendon and Rachel, but I do find it intensely amusing that Rachel being HOH completely screws with the Brigade”s nefarious little plans. Of course, that doesn”t mean the happy couple doesn”t have enormous targets on their backs and could still find themselves in dire straits with just one little twist of Julie Chen”s finger, but for the time being, they have the brigade/junior mafia/hopeless narcissists on the ropes, and I”m going to enjoy every minute.

[Full recap of Sunday’s (July 18) “Big Brother” after the break…]

Right after Annie”s exit, Brendon admits that yes, he”s a smart cookie, just as Annie said moments before being kicked out of the house. Of course, so are Ragan and Andrew, but their secrets are safe for the time being. Brendon hopes that being honest and open will impress the rest of the house. Brendon overestimates his housemates.
First up, we learn that Andrew is SO happy that Rachel is HOH. Wheee, says Andrew! Bounce, bounce, bounce! The  guy”s a regular Tigger. But the jumping up and down craziness he exhibits is incredibly stupid of the good doctor, because it pretty much convinces the household that he”s in Brendon and Rachel”s pocket. Andrew may have gone to dental school, which would suggest a high IQ, but really, the guy has acted about as smart as a bag of hair thus far. I guess it”s a strategy to be loathed by the rest of the house, but I wouldn”t think that would take you very far, really.
Britney is not happy that Rachel has won HOH, because she thinks Rachel is so stupid she forgot to wear pants, which would account for the blurring off her butt by the CBS censors.
Showmance alert! Hayden thinks Kristen is hot. And, if Brendon is getting it on, he wants to, too. However, Kristen is not as easy to woo as Rachel, who gets turned on by biochemistry references. Kristen is complicated. Kristen has walls. Kristen is not as interesting as she thinks she is, but Hayden”s digging her anyway.
Britney and Monet are besties. But they hate everyone else in the house. So they do their own version of “Mean Girls,” which is actually pretty amusing. They”re like the mean old man Muppets on “The Muppet Show,” but less wrinkly.
So, it”s time for everyone to go plead their case to Rachel. Hayden tells Rachel that Britney should go on the block. But when she proposes an alliance between him, Kristen, Brendon and herself, he shoots the idea down faster than a stock market rally. Pay attention, Rachel! Hayden is not your friend!
Mensa Matt decides to act paranoid, hoping to throw Brendon and Rachel off his scent. Which, ironically, makes both of them suspicious of him. Why are all the people in the house who claim to be smart so incredibly stupid?
Time for Haves/Have Nots! The hamsters are divided into four groups and must tape one of their group to a wall as human graffiti. Kathy, Ragan and Britney are the victims, and have to say, I”m putting my money on Britney. One, she weighs about twenty pounds, and two, her team has done everything short of stapling her to the wall.  
Ragan is first to fall, because his teammates did a crap job of sticking him on the wall. But then, Britney can”t breathe and has to be taken down. Kathy is the winner, as are. Hayden, Andrew and Matt. Huh. And who do they pick as the Have-Nots? Britney, Monet, Enzo and Brendon. Ouch. Britney cries, as she can”t believe she had to be stuck to a wall for over an hour only to be stuck with slop for the week. Oh, and fruitcake and fish sticks. This is karma, Brit Brit.
But not all the have-nots are miserable. Enzo is thrilled about the fish sticks. Britney, however, thinks it”s gross. Honestly, at least it”s recognizably food. Don”t be a princess, Britney.
Ooh, it”s the last visit of the saboteur via video. Everyone is shocked that it”s Annie. And thrilled they”ve already voted her out. And CBS really blew it by revealing this so early. Wouldn”t it have been better to get some P.A.s to plant smoke bombs or leave the refrigerator open to keep everyone on their toes?
Next up in the parade of pleading, Britney goes to make her case to Rachel. And swears she”s not after her and Brendon. Rachel doesn”t know if she can trust her. No, Rachel, you can”t, don”t be a sucker. Britney and Monet both throw Andrew under the bus. Andrew is a convenient target, I”ve got to say, which is why Rachel won”t pick him.
Oh, no. Brendon and Rachel sit down to pow wow with Hayden. Brendon says he trusts Hayden. Oh, Brendon! When Brendon suggests Matt and Enzo for the block, Hayden suggests Britney and Monet. Hmm, that”s not suspicious, is it? C”mon, Rachel and Brendon, wake up!
Time for nominations! You know, that big dorky portable key holder is getting old. Can”t the producers come up with something that doesn”t look like a flattened crockpot or a giant hubcap? And don”t even get me started on those stupid keys and lanyards.
Brendon is safe. Kathy is safe. Hayden is safe. Waaah! Ragan is safe, and he”s the first one to thank Rachel. Good manners, Ragan! Kristen is safe. Enzo is safe. Nooo! Matt is safe. Noooo! Andrew is safe. And has to say thank you in Hebrew. Shut up, Andrew. Lane is safe. So, dumbass Rachel has picked Monet and Britney. Britney is premenstrual, so this is, like, so uncool. What”s really uncool is that Rachel has completely blown an opportunity to take out even one member of the brigade. What a waste! Of course, the brigade has to go and pat themselves on the back after the nomination ceremony. Which, I guess, they should. Sigh.
Who do you think should go home? Do you think Brendon and Rachel are in trouble? Do you think Andrew”s dorky act is actually brilliant gameplay?

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