Recap: ‘Dancing with the Stars’ makes a surprising elimination

10.04.11 6 years ago


Last night was the most emotional night the ballroom has ever seen! At least that’s what they’re saying on “Dancing with the Stars.” And of course we know that they’re not the least bit prone to hyperbole on this show! Anyway, tonight could also be an emotional night (though it will be hard to top the MOST EMOTIONAL NIGHT the ballroom has ever seen!), as it’s a results show, and that means a couple is going home. Hopefully there will be no rending of clothing or wailing. 

But before we begin, we must be entertained. Mary J Blige performs “Real Love.” It’s just as good today as it was in 1992. 

After that brief interlude, it’s time for dramatic music and sweaty palms. Ricki and Derek; Chaz and Lacey and J.R. and Karina are first on the block. Last night, everyone gave J.R. a big hug after his performance. J.R. and Chaz told one another they’re inspirations. Karina tells him she will cherish the dance they had together for the rest of her days. Okay, maybe it was the most emotional night the ballroom has ever seen.

The first couple saved is… J.R. and Karina. Well, I should hope so. The next couple safe is… Ricki and Derek. So, the Ewok and Lacey are…safe, too? Really? Shocking! I can’t say I mind, though. Chaz is a terrible dancer, but now that I think of him as an Ewok toddling around the floor (thanks, Bruno), all of his routines are kind of cute.

Len tells Brooke that there were so many great performances it was hard to pick one to be repeated. But he did — Chynna and Tony. And this time I think they’re enjoying themselves a little more, as the pressure’s off. I suspect Chynna’s a little high strung on performance days. 

Next we have Nancy and Tristan; Carson and Anna; Rob and Cheryl and Hope and Maks. I’m thinking Nancy gets the boot. I get that she loves her kids, but she’s starting to sound like a broken record — I’m doing it FOR MY TWINS, I love my TWINS, I want them to know Mommy can DANCE. Carson worries he might have broken Bruno’s cheekbone he kissed him so hard. I really doubt Carson is going home — he’s a fun performer, and last night he was actually a pretty good one, too. 

The next couple safe is… Rob and Cheryl. Carson and Anna are… in jeopardy. Really? Nancy and Tristan are… safe. Oh, come on. Hope and Maks are… in jeopardy. I will say Hope hasn’t emerged as a big personality, which could be a detriment to her on a show filled with big personalities. 

Next, we play Six Degrees of “DWTS.” Some of the connections are a little tenuous at best, but it’s at least an entertaining diversion (for once).

We’re treated to a special performance set to “Tara’s Theme” from “Gone with the Wind” by the “DWTS” Troupe. It’s a piece of music that works perfectly well in the movie but isn’t something that really stands alone. 

Julianne Hough will be back on the show next week, and she may even dance with Derek in order to plug “Footloose.” Also of note is the news that Chaz’s mom is going to be in the audience next week to cheer him on. Usually that’s not so exciting, but hey, his mom is Cher, for crying out loud.

Estelle performs “The Twist,” first made a hit by Chubby Checker. And Chubby Checker actually pops up to performs with her. I didn’t know he was still alive. Someone get him some new jeans and a new denim jacket, though. I think he must have bought those in the 1980s. I know he’s a legend and everything, but he doesn’t have to look like a fashion relic. That being said, he looks damn good for 70. And I love that Len gets out on the ballroom floor and does the twist with him, even though Len looks a little uncomfortable twisting with a guy.

Mary J. Blige performs “25/8.” Like the jacket. Like the dancers. Like the song. Would like to get to the end of these results, too.

Ah, we have our last set of dancers to face execution. Chynna and Tony; David and Kym and Kristin and Mark are on the block. Oh, David’s little daughter Coco told her daddy she was crying during his performance and Courteney gave him a big hug. Kristin, however, had to deal with her ex-fiance being in the audience. I suspect Kristin might be in trouble. She didn’t pick a particularly interesting or memorable year for her inspiration, and she’s largely an unknown quantity to anyone who didn’t watch “Laguna Beach” or “The Hills.” 

Definitely coming back next week… Chynna and Tony. David and Kym are… safe. Kristin and Mark are… in jeopardy. 

The final three await the good or bad news. The next couple safe is… Carson and Anna. I would hope so. It’s down to Hope and Maks and Kristin and Mark. I could see either of these couples going home. At this point, it really is a popularity contest, especially when the worst two couples of last night aren’t even on the final block.

Len weighs in on the bottom two. He thinks this is truly crazy. He thought these couples might be in the finals and possibly winning the mirror ball. Really? I thought Kristin and Hope were pretty good, but I never saw the mirror ball in either of their futures. 

The couple leaving right now is… Kristin and Mark. The ballroom erupts into boos. Kristin admits to being a little surprised, but she says she’s had a great experience. Tom suggests that voters assumed Kristin and Mark had performed well enough that they didn’t need to vote for them, but Mark sidesteps the comment and just talks about being proud of Kristin. No tears, no drama, no emotion, and Kristin is probably happy to have stuck around this long. I can’t say I’m sad to see her go, but it’s a shame she got the ax after a pretty strong performance. And Tom may have had a point — it never occurred to me she might be in danger. So, if anyone wants to join my DWTS Predictions league, feel free — I’m pretty sure I’m not beating anyone if the results shows continue to go down like this one did. 

Do you think this week’s elimination was unfair? Do you wish you’d voted differently? Do you see a front runner yet?  

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