Recap: ‘Live to Dance’ – Auditions Night 2

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For those of you watching “Live to Dance” for its drinking game potential, we’ll need to revise our key words for this evening. Tonight, whenever anyone says “live semi-finals,” drink. In fact, you may just want to drink, period, because that may be the only way to make sense of some of the judges’ decisions.

[Full recap of Wednesday’s (Jan. 5) “Live to Dance” after the break…]
It’s time for the judges to pare down the list of contestants they’re sending to the Live Semi-Finals (drink!). I’m not quite sure why they told so many people in last night’s episode that they’re going to the next round if they’re not. It seems cruel to yank people around this way, but that’s TV for you. This also gives us an opportunity to watch Paula, Kimberly and Travis sit around on a sofa and make snide, semi-scripted comments about people to stretch out the show to a full hour, which is not as interesting as CBS seems to think it is.
But, to sum up their canned conversation: Kimberly isn’t sold on Shore Thing, which makes me think Kimberly is as whacked as her 80s haircut. Travis loves the Chi-Town Finest Breakers, though, which makes me lose all respect for his talent filter. Everyone likes The Vibe. Oh, wait, Kimberly doesn’t. Jittin’ Genius is a hit, but Travis thinks he’s a walking Usher video. All of this tired nattering is set up to sell commercials, I mean, reveal that the judges simply can’t agree which acts should go on to the Live Semi-Finals (drink!).
Austen Acevedo gets high praise for ripping off a routine from “So You Think You Can Dance.” I really can’t believe this. He should have been rapped on the knuckles, not given a pass to the next round. I know it’s another network, but come on!
Travis reveals he was in “Newsies,” so I’m hoping he’ll have a good Christian Bale story to tell at some point. But he reveals this little tidbit to explain why he thinks Theatrix isn’t so great. Hey, get Kenny Ortega to work with them and I’m sure they’d be just as good as you were, pal.
Everyone agrees on Jill and Jacob and Tap Sounds Underground. Twitch, starring Anthony, is also a yes. Kendall Glover is a maybe. But the Solid Gold dancers are a no. I can’t believe they wouldn’t bring these ladies back for at least one more try, just for old times’ sake.
Dance Town Chaos, which looks like “Eyes Wide Shut: The Musical,” is also a yes. White Tree Fine Art, the ballet dancers, makes Kimberly and Paula swoon, but Travis isn’t loving them. I think ballet is simply going to be a hard sell to a wider audience, which is too bad. Maybe they could dance to a Kanye West song or something.  
Four acts divide our not-really-distraught judges. They spontaneously (read: this was set up before the show even got a green light) decide that they will call back these acts, then pick one and let America choose the other for the Live Semi-Finals (drink!).
But first, the judges have to run around and tell the acts that are most TV-friendly that they’re going to be in the Live Semi-Finals (actually, at this point you’re probably passed out). Paula goes to Miami to tell the adorable little ballroom dancers Amanda and D’Angelo they’re going to the finals. Damn straight – these kids are much too talented not to be given a pass to the next round.
Hap and Bev are told they’re going to the semi-finals. Really? Jalen is also going to the semi-finals. Honestly, I think both of these acts should be staying home, but I guess they’re getting by on the cuteness factor.
The Vibe, Dance Town Chaos, Du-Shaunt, Shore Thing, rip-off artist Austin Acevedo, Roosevelt Anderson, Dance in Flight, Jittin’ Genius, Tap Sounds Underground, Jill & Jacob, Twitch and Dax and Sarah are going through to the Live Semi-Finals.
Kimberly tells Chi-Town Finest Breakers they’re also getting a spot in the Live Semi-Finals. This show is getting much too top heavy with cuteness.
Travis heads off to visit Theatrix so he can tell them they’re not going to the semi-finals because they’ve desecrated his fond memories of “Newsies.” But then he reluctantly informs they’ll they’ll get a second chance at the semi-finals, but only if they leave their little newsboy outfits at home. He doesn’t say that explicitly, but you know he’s thinking it.
So far, we’ve gleaned no new information except that this is an hour-long program to set up about fifteen minutes of new material. Thank you, CBS.
Kimberly informs White Tree Fine Art that they have to beg for a spot as well.
Andrew visits Inside the Box in Fullerton, while Paula visits Kendall Glover at her middle school in Phoenix, ensuring that Kendall will either be the queen of her class or will get her ass kicked by jealous bullies, one or the other. She is completely unrecognizable without the “Burlesque” make-up, but that’s a good thing. No one should be able to pass as Christina Aguilera until they’re old enough to vote.
Finally, it’s time to see actual performances. First up is Inside the Box. They did a great job of choreographing something new on such short notice, but they have the same problem that plagues a lot of these enormous groups – some people are exceptional dancers, while some people suck a bit. I really think this group would be a lot stronger if they kicked a few of the weaker links to the curb.
Next up, Kendall Glover. She is very dedicated to her eye rhinestones. She’s clearly talented and just adorable for an 11-year-old, but her footwork is a bit floppy and she’s smiling like a pageant contestant. If Amanda and D’Angelo weren’t already on the show, she might shine more, but they really do set the standard for the kid acts incredibly high. However, I will say Kendall is far more skilled than Jaylen, so if she does make it to the next round there’s some justice in it.
White Tree Fine Art, the most horribly named dance act in all of history or at least this competition, is stunningly graceful. Honestly, any woman who can dance in toe shoes without screaming in agony has my unflagging respect. The idea that these guys are fighting for a spot when a little kid can rip of “SYTYCD” and sail into the Live Semi-Finals is simply wrong.
Inside the Box is good, but I think, at least on the basis of choreography, Theatrix is better, plain and simple. This is a fun routine, and I say that even though the song “Footloose” makes me want to peel my face off.
To my surprise, Kendall Glover to move into the semi-finals. Still, I can’t say I expected a ballet act to get the thumbs up, even though what they’re doing is technically more difficult than almost anything else we’ve seen. It’s a nice idea that they’d like to make ballet more mainstream, but a reality TV competition probably isn’t going to be the place. Although I am wondering what they could do to a Beyonce song…
Do you think Kendall Glover deserved to go to the next round? Are you going to vote for another act to make the Live Semi-Finals? And are you going to keep watching?


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