Recap: ‘Project Runway’ – ‘Design Your Heart Out’

02.04.10 7 years ago


Wow. Now that Ping is gone, I just feel kind of deflated. Even if you didn”t like her buttless dresses and her tendency to model her own outfits, Ping was definitely a character during a season which seems pretty low on fun. This means Anthony better not leave anytime soon, or somebody needs to spike the water supply with over-the-counter cold medicine. I”m just saying, time to mix things up a bit.

[Full recap of Thursday’s (Feb. 4) “Project Runway” after the break…]

Anyway, Heidi sends everyone to meet Tim, blah blah blah and Tim introduces the designers to the Campbell”s Soup VP of Innovation. I am super excited to know that Campbell”s Soup has a VP of Innovation. Personally, I would like to be the VP of Fancypantsery or maybe the VP of Grandiose Thoughts, but the VP of Innovation is good, too. I really want to know what her job is like on a daily basis, though I think I have an idea. Monday, 9 a.m. – Sit at desk and doodle creatively. 10 a.m. – Drink latte and play with Legos. 11am – Begin three martini lunch. I desperately want this job, I think.

Anyway, the designers are challenged to create the signature dress for the Campbell”s Dress Your Heart program. Which sounds great, until he mentions the dress must be red (fine) and incorporate the Campbell”s branding (not so fine). Oh, and they have to design for chicks who”ve been impacted by heart disease.

All the designers are deeply touched by the whole heart disease thing and start crying and stuff. Anthony”s mom had heart surgery, so he has a personal connection to this challenge. Jay is so inspired be his model he starts crying Amy wants to win this challenge almost as much as she wants to go to Bryant Park.

Jesus, though, is excited because his model is tiny. I don”t like Jesus. Jesus also thinks he”s really shown the judges how awesome he is. Jesus does not seem to remember being repeatedly in the bottom two. Did I mention I don”t like Jesus?

While there”s a lot of random bitching, there”s not a lot of drama in the workroom. At least, not until Janeane dunks her dress in a bucket of water. Why exactly is there a bucket of water in the workroom? Is someone keeping goldfish? I wonder if the producers are trying to spice things up by creating obstacles. Look out for that bucket of black dye and the hanging wall of scissors, eeek!

Finally, it”s Tim time! Honestly, I”d like Tim to come to my house and shake his head sadly over the contents of my closet, even if he forced me to wear Liz Claiborne for the rest of my life. Tim isn”t in love with Jesse”s dress. He loves Anna Marie”s tracing of the Campbell”s logo. He digs Mila”s stupid star dress. He doesn”t say anything about Jesus” dress, because I suspect there is absolutely nothing good to say about it. He thinks Maya should make a purse. He tells Amy to work away. He likes Seth”s dress, but doesn”t think it looks like Seth. So, Seth tosses his Grecian dress. Which turns out to be a good idea, if you ask me. Be true to yourself, Seth!

Runway time! Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman are the judges for the evening. I”m actually shocked at how reputable the judges have been this season, with the exception of Nicole Richie. Although I will say, that”s a very big exception.

The ruffles are a bit crazy pants, but it”s a fun evening gown.

Cute little babydoll dress. She looks pregnant, but it”s still cute. Maybe Emilio has a future in maternity wear.

The model is walking like she has something up her butt. I like the idea of this dress, but I”m not sure if I actually like it. There”s a lot going on, and it”s hard to know if all of it works when I”m so distracted by the constipated model.

I like the vest, and you can tell the model likes the outfit. Good job, Anthony!

Nice job, empire waist, floaty evening gown. Amy really wants to win this, and I think she could.

Nice look. For a drugged-out hooker. Ugh.

Anna Marie
This woman looks like a red dumptruck. Make that a red dumptruck crossed with a linebacker. This dress could not be more unflattering.

This actually looks pretty nice, and the model seems happy, which really seemed to be Jay”s primary goal.

I don”t mind the dress, but the jacket looks cheap. Worse, it doesn”t really go with the dress and it cuts her off at the midsection in a most unflattering way. Too shiny, too.

Good dress, but I don”t see Campbell”s branding anywhere.

I hate the stars on this dress. It looks like pageant wear. But I”m not a Mila fan, so I could be biased.

Nice hem, nice bodice. Even though she got the dress wet, it looks pretty darn good.

Amazingly, he pulled it off even with the last-minute redesign. And the A-line skirt works well for his model.

Mila, Maya, Anna, Amy, Jesse and Jesus are called out. Everyone else is in. Let me guess, Jesus is in the bottom.

Heidi starts with Mila. Georgina says the dress made her smile yet she thought it was classic. Nina loves how she incorporated the stars. Michael and Heidi thought the model rocked the dress. I don”t care, I still hate it. It looks like the Macy”s logo on crack.

On to Jesse. Michael thought she looked like a majorette. Nina didn”t like the use of the branding. Georgina thinks it wasn”t flattering to have white at the waist. Nina liked the neckline, but Michael thinks it”s too shiny. They are not wrong.

Next up, Jesus. Michael thinks it”s a checklist of all things tacky. Georgina feels there are too many elements. Heidi thinks Jesus has good construction skills but she questions his taste. Nina says he went overboard with clichéd items.

Nina loved Amy”s dress. Georgina thought it was beautiful and looked ethereal. Michael thought it was elegant and modern. I so want Amy to win!

Anna Marie is next on the block. Nina hates the racerback. Michael thinks she looks too broad on top. Georgina says it doesn”t feel like an evening dress.

On to Maya. Heidi likes the shape of the dress. Nina found the draping interesting. Georgina thought it was flattering. Michael thought it was interesting and elegant.

The carping goes on once the designers walk off. No one likes Jesse”s dress, but he gets points for a nice waistline. Michael says Jesus doesn”t have taste. Georgina gives Anna Marie props for a dress that”s youthful, though Michael says it”s a paper bag tied at the middle. Jesus is going home.

As for the winners, everyone has drunk Mila”s Kool-Aid. Everyone thinks Amy”s dress looked chic and modern. Georgina wasn”t sure about Maya”s dress, but Michael thought it was interesting.

It”s time to determine who”s in and who”s out. Maya is… in. Amy is… the winner. Yay! She”s thrilled to win a challenge. Amy seems like a nice girl. Mila is in, of course.

Jesse is… in. Hmm, Jesus or Anna Marie? Uh, Jesus. Heidi tells Jesus his dress was tacky and tells Anna Marie she made serious misjudgments. Still thinking Jesus. Anna Marie is… in. Duh.

Jesus is so gone. I am so glad. He seems utterly flabbergasted. He doesn”t even burst into tears. He”s just going to go home and get better, since he”s only 21, and someday we”ll all know his name. I hope not, because I still don”t like Jesus.

Next week promises an unprecedented prize. Yay, I guess. Maybe I”m just being Grinchy, but this season is not really shaping up to be wildly exciting. Maybe the designers are holding back, or the challenges are getting a little predictable, but increasingly I think this show needs help. Next week, I”m hoping for a really good challenge. Maybe the designers have to make evening gowns out of gum or mud or toilet brushes, and their models will be homeless people. Come on, “Project Runway,” time to think outside the box!

Do you think Jesus deserved to go home? Whose dress did you like the best? Do you think “Project Runway” needs some help?

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