Recap: ‘Project Runway’ – ‘Finale Part 2’

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It’s the “Project Runway” finale! Yay! And Carol Hannah is puking her guts out two days out from Bryant Park. Um, yuck. The thing is, I so want Carol Hannah to win for two simple reasons. One, she makes cute dresses that reflect her cute personality and two, it would make Meana Irina so stinking mad she’d crap herself, and I’d pay to see that on television. But I have a sinking feeling this is Meana Irina’s contest to lose, and I don’t see her choking in the clutch.
[Full recap of Thursday (Nov. 19) night’s “Project Runway,” including this season’s winner, after the break…]
Anyway, back to Carol Hannah’s pukiness. She wakes up feeling just as crap as she did the night before, and Meana Irina says she feels for her but (innocent eye-blinking and shoulder shrugging) there’s really nothing she can do. Except sit on the sidelines and smirk, which she’s very good at.
At least Logan and Christopher are there to support Carol Hannah, and, even though I didn’t always love either of their designs, I kind of love them right now. Logan, who had been such a weenie to Carol Hannah before he was aufed, is there for his girl, and Christopher gives excellent mother hen, combining a shoulder to cry on with an ability to sew, which is really what any girl needs.
It’s time for the designers to discuss hair and make-up. Carol Hannah wants soft and pretty, Althea wants young clones and from what I can tell, Meana Irina wants women who’ve been socked in the eye while wearing riding gear.
The models come in to be fit, and I have to say, Carol Hannah’s collection, from what I can see of it, looks pretty adorable. And Meana Irina’s doesn’t seem to fit her models. Which is probably the kind of misdirection producers love to throw at you so you hold out hope for the person you’re rooting for until the bitter end instead of throwing the remote at your dog and stomping out of the room before they get Nielsen numbers for the whole hour. Really, I’m trying to manage my expectations here, people.
It’s Tim Gunn time! Can I just say I hate for this season to end in large part because I’ll miss Tim and his proper avuncular tone and excellent neck ties? He thinks Irina’s thirteenth look is beautiful, but he wants her to be careful of going costume. All I can tell is it’s a little black dress with a take on that layering of fabric strips look that was everywhere last year, which doesn’t bode well.
Tim takes one look at Althea’s thirteenth outfit and says, um, shoulderpads? Kinda 80s. I was actually thinking shoulderpads, kind of oh my God linebacker space alien crazy, but okay, he’s much nicer than I am. I mean, if I were the advisor on this show someone would have already put my head under a sewing machine needle and stitched my lips shut.
Uh-oh. Things just got interesting. Althea tells Tim she’s really excited about her models wearing smudgy make-up. Tim points out that’s exactly what Meana Irina’s models are going to be wearing. Meana Irina immediately hisses under her breath like a bitchy snake and Althea starts getting weepy. Even with the stomach flu, Carol Hannah must be feeling a little better right about now just because she picked pretty over smudgy.
Tim doesn’t say anything at all about Carol Hannah’s one shouldered blue evening gown, but I think it’s pretty, if that’s anything to go by.
Everyone’s swimming around the sewing room and looking stressed, and that’s when I notice Meana Irina at her rack. And it’s hard not to notice that seemingly everything, and I do mean everything, is black. I like black, I wear black pretty much every day, so, oddly enough, I think I’d probably be a big fan of Meana Irina’s designs. But I’m wondering if a steady parade of gloom is going to be a big hit with the judges, especially when Carol Hannah has frilly gowns and fun stuff.
Finally, it’s the day of the show. Luckily, Carol Hannah is feeling better, because I’m pretty sure any backstage puking could set off a chain of raging fashionista bulimia in the tent. 
Everyone’s running a little behind, and amazingly Tim loses it by his own admission. It must be horrible to have Tim Gunn mad at you. I’d imagine it’s like Santa actually visiting you at home to tell you you made the naughty list this year.
Anyway, Heidi comes out in a horrid fuchsia pantsuit to introduce our judges – Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune. Suzy appears to be keeping an English muffin in her hair. We will not dwell on this, because she seems perfectly nice otherwise.
Althea is first up. Is she wearing little Ugg boots? And a summer dress? I’m so distracted by the fact she looks like a California train wreck I barely hear what she’s saying about her line being inspired by 1950s sci fi movies.
Hey, she designed a big floppy Meana Irina sweater with leather pants! Good to see she took out the crazy person shoulder pads in the thirteenth look leather jacket. There’s a certain sameness to a lot of the looks, and not in a good way. I swear I’ve seen the same jacket on three different models. Everything’s nice and looks wearable, but I have yet to see a showstopper. And if that brown column dress with a train was supposed to be it, color me bored.
Carol Hannah
Man, the girl still looks sick. She doesn’t drone on about her inspirations, but that’s fine, because she really does look like she might hurl.
Cute dresses! Lots of ruffles, lots of floral details and draping. Not sure if the designs aren’t too disparate, though. There’s really no theme here. Hasn’t she watched seasons past? But at least the girl’s got a real showstopper, a kick-ass gold gown that I could easily see on the red carpet. I think Carol Hannah did okay, honestly.
Meana Irina
She prattles on all kinds of crazy about comforting and shielding yourself. Very stark, very black. Oh ma God, it’s all black. Finally, a big beige sweater. That looks pretty much exactly like Althea’s big grey sweater. The coats are amazing. I will hand it to Meana, she does amazing things with detail. More black. Wait, didn’t we already see that? I honestly can’t tell. The little riding hats work. And she has purses? Not bad.
Afterwards, we hit the audience to hear what former contestants think. Shitin votes for Althea. Nicolas liked Carol Hannah, and so does Ra’mon. And a bunch of people vote for Meana.
Then, backstage for judging. Heidi was impressed. Nina was impressed. Suzy was impressed. Michael liked the knitwear and the sportswear. I’m relieved when the designers get trotted out to explain themselves, because if the judges are going to be this nice I’m going to fall asleep.
Michael tells Irina the warrior woman isn’t a new idea. Suzy says she liked the coherence of the collection. Heidi thinks it looks expensive. Nina liked the T-shirts. Oh, Nina, if you only knew. Michael thinks the amount of work that went into the clothes was commendable. And then Nina asks, why so much black? Michael rightly points out that all the detail disappears. And Nina rightly points out she TOLD Meana this before. Stupid Meana!
Nina loved Carol Hannah’s first look. Heidi loved the Grecian goddess dress. Heidi’s super impressed that Carol Hannah threw that together for her thirteenth look. Suzy liked the inverted pyramid dress, which I did, too. Then Heidi says the collection lacked coherence. I hear ya, Heidi.
Then, on to Althea. Michael was so excited to see sportswear. Nina loved the knit green dress, because everything else was monotone. Michael loved the khaki silk pants. Suzy loved the knitwear but didn’t feel the futurism. Nina thought the last three pieces were off, and that maybe she tried to hit too many notes.
Then, we cut to Meana, who looks pissed because she isn’t the clear winner. Suck it, Meana Irina!
Finally, it’s time for the judges to chat. Michael loves Carol Hannah’s first dress. Suzy thought she had the best sense of color. Michael wished she’d played with the color more, but she played with it more than anyone else. Heidi thought her tailoring was impeccable.
Nina loved Althea’s sense of coolness. Michael felt she was very plugged into the street. Nina is sure her readers would love some of her pieces. But Michael thought it didn’t tell a story. Suzy thinks her clothes didn’t take well to the runway.
Heidi thought Meana’s work looked really well made. Michael thought she had the best sense of showmanship. Suzy liked the protective clothing idea. Heidi did think a little color would be nice, but the T-shirts were a nice touch. The piece that threw him off was the gown. I kind of liked the gown, but yeah, it didn’t really go with the rest of the collection.
And now, it’s decision time. Eeeeee!
Heidi tells Meana she paid attention to all the details, but everyone was disappointed in her lack of color. And the fact she didn’t listen to Nina, of course. Heidi says Althea has a bead on street fashion but she wasn’t sure about the futurist style. Heidi admires how Carol Hannah’s collection had strength and energy but lacked coherence.
Carol Hannah is… out. Okay, I can stop watching.
Meana Irina is…the winner. DAMMIT! This girl designs an all black collection and wins? Because she made little hats? Come on! I mean, it all looked good, but I couldn’t SEE any of the gorgeous detail everyone was so excited about! Arrgh!
Of course, Meana Irina cries with happiness. And I still want to whack her in the back of the head. Althea is gracious and feels like a winner. Carol Hannah does, too. It’s one big happy family, because when Meana gets what she wants, she’s much nicer. Probably much like the evil queen in “Snow White.”
Meana Irina feels like she deserves a pat on the back, because she had stiff competition. Of course she can be gracious once she wins. Okay, I will say, she did have the most coherent collection, even if it was all morgue appropriate. And the designs were exceptional, the detailing was divine and it was very New York.
But that doesn’t mean she ain’t Meana.
Do you think Meana Irina deserved to win? Which dress was your favorite? And are you excited about Season 7 premiering in January?

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