Recap: ‘Project Runway’ – ‘Good Taste Tastes Good’

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We’re down to the last ten designers, though I’m sure we’re not down to our last wacky-ass design challenge. It seems that each week the designers are put through the paces for our amusement, but with little opportunity to highlight their actual skills. I guess making these guys show us how they can create evening gowns for Muppets or constructed from plastic knives or while wearing blindfolds makes things easier for the judges (she sent a model down the runway naked – she’s out!), I’m not sure it’s determining who’s the best designer. But then, I guess reality TV doesn’t really give a crap about that, anyway. 

This week’s challenge is all about taste. Literally. They must create a tasteful outfit inspired by gelato. 

Michael nabs grapefruit.

Mondo picks cantaloupe.

Mila selects milk and sour cherries.

April chooses blueberry.

Jerell picks fruits of the forest.

Kenley grabs passionfruit.

Austin picks vanilla Madagascar.

Anthony selects green tea.

Rami wanted kiwi.

Kara gets chocolate with cayenne pepper. She feels like the little kid in the park whose ice cream fell off. Because she has to use chocolate brown? Boo-hoo! I’d rather get stuck with chocolate than kiwi, honestly. But go ahead and cry over your spilt ice cream, Kara. 

Diane Von Furstenberg will be guest judging. Michael is about to pee himself he’s SUCH a fan. I could do without the hyperventilating, Michael. We get it. You LOVE her. And if seeing Diane in the flesh isn’t enough to make Michael need a fresh pair of underwear, the revelation that the designers only have six hours to create a design should. Yet another challenge that just can’t yield great results. What are we going to see? A bunch of shift dresses, muumuus and nighties?

Our poor designers don’t even get a chance to go to Mood — instead MiniMood is set up in their lounge. This means they also don’t have access to everything they want. April can’t find black jersey and has to re-imagine her whole outfit.

Michael thinks Mila’s decision to work in red and white instead of black and white is really refreshing. Wow, I think that’s pretty pathetic. She added a color to her design aesthetic! Call a medic! 

The designers work frantically until it’s time for Joanna Coles to visit. She brings gelato to each designer in the flavor that’s their inspiration. She asks Kara if she thinks she has it right. Wow, that’s so not helpful. She asks April how she can have a fashion moment if she’s working within her comfort zone. She has six friggin’ hours! Hey, Joanna, instead of playing therapist, why not GIVE ADVICE? I have never missed Tim Gunn so much. Dump “The Revolution” and come back, Tim! We need you!

Joanna asks Mondo how to accessorize his dress. Okay, now she’s just wasting time. She asks Anthony how he’s going to make his dress creative. She asks Rami if, by doing a wrap skirt, he’s sucking up to Diane. Why WOULDN’T you suck up to her? If you can show Diane a wrap dress she likes, I think she’d love it. Joanna tells Mila to remember the assignment. Because her dress is, of course, literal. She tells Michael to make sure his dress stands out. Okay, enough, Joanna. Did she offer one useful word of advice? No, just bad shrink-speak (“What do YOU think this dress says to you? Mmmm-hmmm.”).

Jerell digs Mondo’s dress, but thinks Kara’s made her model look like a pregnant cupcake. And the winner of best insult of the day is… Jerell! Because, sadly, I think he’s right. 

Runway time! Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi, Diane Von Furstenberg and Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr. Miranda will wear the winning dress to an “industry event.” Which, depending on how awful it is, could mean a Hollywood grocery store at 4:00 a.m.

Mondo – cantaloupe

I love this caftan. Yes, as Anthony pointed out, it’s very simple. But the bold color, the kimono sleeves, it’s a showstopper. 

Anthony – green tea

It sort of looks like the model was attacked by a wadded-up envelope. 

Kenley – passionfruit

She didn’t reinvent the wheel here, but she’s right — the fabric is awesome. It’s cute.

Rami – kiwi

Not my favorite colors, but it’s definitely on trend. I like what he’s done with texture, too.  

Mila – milk and sour cherries

It’s a nice enough dress. But my GOD, everything Mila does looks the same!

Jerell – fruits of the forrest 

It’s definitely fun. I like the fabric choices. Wish he’d skipped the hippy dippy headband, though. 

Kara – chocolate and cayenne pepper

Jerell’s right. Totally a pregnant cupcake. 

Michael – grapefruit

Oh, no. Too bulky, too nightgown-ish. Too shiny. 

April – blueberry

Wow, WAY too short in the back. She’s in trouble.

Austin – vanilla Madagascar

I don’t love this. The ornate embellishment on the front looks cheap.

Angela calls out Austin, Rami, Jerell and Kenley. They’re safe. Everyone else is not. Or is at the top, either way.  

Kara is up first. Georgina doesn’t feel the passion. Angela thinks the dress doesn’t  move her. Miranda doesn’t like ruffles. Diane thinks it isn’t flattering. Everyone thinks the model looks pregnant. Kara has not been doing so well thus far, so this could be her undoing. 

Anthony is next. Angela thinks it’s too conceptual and messy. Diana loves the skirt. Georgina thinks the back panels are unflattering.  

Oh lord, do they like Mila’s dress? Isaac thinks it says cherry ice cream so clearly. Angela really liked it as well. Diane thinks it’s beautiful but thinks it looks like it was done quickly. Georgina thinks it was ambitious given the time. Miranda thinks it looks easy to wear. Yes, it’s a nice enough dress. And it should be, because she makes similar stuff ALL THE TIME. 

Michael talks about his nightgown. Isaac loves it, but he doesn’t love the color. Georgina didn’t love the color. Diane thought it was beautiful and beautifully draped. She wants Michael to call her after the show. Michael makes a face like a very happy dying sea bass or Alfalfa in those “Little Rascals” shorts. Yes, it’s nicely draped. It will be a very nice nightie for the Queen of England someday. 

Georgina thinks April’s color is great but says her corset was too ambitious. Isaac loved the front but thought the back was scary. Diane thought it went Halloween spider. Angela thinks her ideas don’t come across clearly.

Diane loves Mondo’s cantaloupe color. Georgina thinks the colors go together even though it shouldn’t. Angela thinks it flatters the figure. Isaac would like to see more of her body. Oh, Isaac, we know you don’t really care.  

The judges talk. They think Anthony tried too hard, Kara may not be All Star material and April should have gone full Halloween if she was going to go there at all. They think Michael is a master draper, Georgina doesn’t love Mila’s dress (yay!) and Miranda loves Mondo’s color but Isaac didn’t find it sexy.  Because it’s orange. Even though he’s wearing orange. Oh, Isaac, is this self-loathing? 

It’s between Michael and Mondo. Georgina thinks Michael’s dress is more creative. Miranda is worried that, because she’s breastfeeding, things will go wrong in Mondo’s dress because she won’t be able to wear a bra. Hey, could we have gotten a model who ISN’T breastfeeding? Was that so hard? 

Mila is… safe. Michael is… the winner. Seriously? Okay. I thought it looked like a big, nutty nightgown, but whatever. Mondo is praised and safe. I think Michael only won because Miranda wanted to wear a bra. 

On to our losers. Anthony is safe. Kara is… safe. April is going home. Wow, that’s a surprise, actually. April hasn’t been great this season, admittedly. She’s been repeatedly doing weird stuff with her corsets and bodices, and her dress really was almost an indecent proposal in the back. 

April cries a bit. But she won’t give up. And she’s 22! She has plenty of time! That’s exactly right, April. Now go dye the gray out of your hair. Really, it’s so two years ago. If Kelly Osbourne’s doing it, you know it’s over. 

Next week, the designers must find a muse by running around New York. It seems they have to make them take off their clothes or something. Again, not sure what this has to do with design, but wacky hijinks will ensue. 

Do you think April deserved to go? What did you think of Michael’s gown? And what did you think of the challenge? 

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