Recap: ‘Project Runway’ – ‘The Best of the Best’

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Oh boy, there are only six designers left, and just two of them are boys. Girl power! Irina is thrilled about this, because it’s about time women had a little bit of a say in the male-dominated fashion industry. And though it pains me to say it, I am so down with Irina on this. If I have to try on another pair of pants that only fit girls who have not gone through puberty or have the misfortune of being built like Chazz Bono, I will take out the first snippy salesgirl I see. I’m just saying.
Anyway, it’s “Runway” time! Whee!
[Full recap of Thursday’s (Oct. 29) “Project Runway” after the break…]
Althea thinks she, Irina and Carol Hannah are the best designers in the competition, while Logan, Christopher and Gordana kind of suck. Christopher decides he needs to get the judges to get it. He feels judged by the judges, which would not be wrong. He’s gone from little engine that could to an engineer on a light rail train texting when he should be paying attention.
Waiting to receive their challenge, the designers are asked to sit facing away from the runway. This horrifies Christopher, who apparently has a morbid fear of sitting backwards. But Christopher doesn’t need to get all freaked out, because someone was just rolling out the finalists’ best looks. The challenge: create a companion piece. This is a little dull if you ask me, but (once again), Irina has a point, in that this is how you create a collection. I still hate Irina, though.
Irina thinks this challenge is great, because it will flush the losers out of the brush like a leaf blower or a wire-haired terrier. Again, I think we can all agree, Irina is a evil. Talented evil, but evil.
Everyone is very excited about the challenge. Logan wants to use lots of zippers. Christopher is all kinds of inspired, but judging from his sketch, he’s going to create a gown that looks like something Scarlett O’Hara puked on after a rough night of waltzing. He’s going to go big. He’s going to go huge. He shouldn’t.
Tim urges Carol Hannah to make pants because she’s the dress girl. I hope Tim isn’t leading her astray. I like Carol  Hannah when she isn’t making googly eyes at Logan. But I’m beginning to think Logan is threatened by Carol Hannah because, as soon as she cuts out some pants,  he tells her she’s making Malvin pants. You remember Malvin, don’t you? The guy who got eliminated the first week for making a chicken and the egg outfit? Logan should have just come right out and called Carol an art school reject with emotional problems. I am not liking Logan right now. And not just because this is the hypocrite who sent unhemmed pants down the runway.
Irina is creating an office look. For women who work as hostesses at Chinese restaurants.
Gordana tells us she’s a Bosnian Serb. Her parents are farmers. She’s so happy to be where she is today. This is all very heartwarming, so I suspect she’s going home. Reality show editors usually like you to bond with contestants right before they get shuffled off to that great Reality Show Heaven in the sky.
Yay, Tim Gunn has arrived to silently judge everyone! Carol Hannah tells him she’s making a big, scary mess and Tim doesn’t disagree. Tim suggests she cover her green fabric with a meshy black fabric, then tells her she’s had a major breakthrough. I’d say she got a major leg up from Tim, but hey, I don’t mind that she might have an unfair advantage because Logan was a little more successful undermining her than I thought he would be.
Tim tells Irina her outfit is completely unexpected, and he’s very excited. Then, it’s Christopher’s turn. Tim says he’s making an old lady dress. Christopher is sad, but apparently doesn’t get the hint, because he keeps plugging away on his old lady dress.
Tim thinks Althea’s pants are waiting for a diaper, but he loves her sketch. Althea also notices that Logan has ripped off her zipper collar from the Christina Aguilera challenge, but Tim still thinks his outfit is wow. Althea is all manner of pissed. She tells Irina she’s going to call him out on it. Oh, this should be fun!
Tim isn’t in love with Gordana’s rough edges, but tells her if she goes with them to stand by them. Gordana decides to stand by her rough edges. I’m not sure this is the thing for her to be confident about.
Irina wonders why one of Christopher’s dresses is throwing up the other. Dammit, Irina, stop being right!
Instead of telling Logan she’s mad at him, Althea bitches to her model that Logan’s a copycat, but the poor girl just looks uncomfortable with the whole conversation. This is what happens when the finalists are mostly girls. Ironically, Irina is pissed at Althea because she thinks Althea is ripping off her Aspen sweater look. She doesn’t say anything to Althea, either. Which is really a surprise, as Irina seems to love hating people and making them feel crappy about themselves.
Logan points out that Irina has the nickname of Meana Irina. I love it! From now on, she is Meana Irina four our purposes.  
Runway time! Yay!
Nick Verreos is an alumnus of Project Runway 2 and a FIDM instructor. This strikes me as a little sad, what with the saying about those who can’t do teach, but we’ll let it go, especially since I have no recollection of him or PR 2. Nina Garcia is back and the final judge is actress and L’Oreal model Kerry Washington. This episode is not exactly glowing with fashion high wattage, I’m afraid.
Carol Hannah
This is a cute little dress, but it’s nowhere near what I thought it would be when I saw that luscious green fabric. I do suspect this looks better in person, though.
The sweater just looks floppy here, and someone alert Logan, because these pants truly do look like Malvin’s handiwork if you ask me. But I hate the whole paper bag thing, and all the judges love it. Apparently they’ve never seen it on someone who isn’t a model.
Look! A punk flight attendant from the future! Everybody run! She might have a phaser!
The dress has an element of “I ripped this off an old sofa,” but the sweetheart neckline and detailing are nice, plus the sweater looks super cuddly. But I still hate Meana Irina.
This looks very “life under Communism.” The collar is too floppy. Very blah.
Well, he accomplished one of his goals. This definitely looks like a Christopher creation. But it’s not a good one. His model looks like a monochrome Rose Bowl float.
Because there are so few people left, the judges are just cutting right to the chase. No one gets a free pass backstage. Whee!
Nina thought the proportions of Christopher’s dress were (yes!) carnival float. Nick thinks he needed to edit the flowers. Heidi thinks the bottom looks like a bedskirt. Kerry thinks it’s too different gowns that don’t blend together.
Nick thinks Irina’s look is very  uptown chic. Kerry can see herself being yelled at in this outfit. Nina thinks it’s luxe and the shape is brilliant, but she has a real problem with the brocade dress. I am so in synch with Nina tonight it’s freaking me out a little.
Heidi doesn’t think Gordana’s look is fun or fashionable. Kerry thinks it looks very passive, which makes me want to see what an aggressive dress looks like. Nina thinks the outfit looks dated. Nick thinks it looks like an outfit for an office worker in Poland. Gordana stands her ground and says she likes it. This is not the time to stand by your work, Gordana.
Kerry thinks Carol Hannah’s dress is delicious. Nina loves the lightness. Kerry and Nick loved the pockets. No one seems to notice that Carol Hannah has an aversion to pants.
Logan tells the judges his costume is pow. Nina thinks it looks like a student project. Nick says it looks Judy Jetson. Kerry thinks the futuristic feel is distracting. I am so agreeing with them on this.
But I am not agreeing with anyone about Althea’s outfit. Heidi wants it. She loves the pants. Kerry thinks the sweater is gorgeous. Meana Irina looks like she’s going to throw up. She doesn’t understand how Althea ripped her off. She stomps her feet. The judges completely ignore Meana Irina.
Okay, private judging time. Everyone loves Irina’s outfit. Nick thinks it’s a great outfit for a rich guy’s arm candy. Nina thinks the model felt good in Althea’s outfit. Kerry thinks Carol Hannah kept it young. Nina thinks her little black cocktail dress is quiet and elegant.
Now, on to the losers. Nick thinks Logan’s outfit is Space Odessey 2001. Heidi thinks it’s a bad music video from the 80s. Heidi thinks Gordana’s outfit was sad and drab. Kerry wanted to like Christopher’s dress and thought children were hiding underneath it. Heidi thinks it looks cheap.
Carol Hannah is… in. Althea is… the winner! Suck it Meana Irina! I’m thrilled only because Meana Irina is eating her liver over this, because honestly, I think Meana Irina’s sweater was better and I hate those paper bag pants, but whatever. Althea could have won for an actual paper bag and I still would have been happy seeing Meana Irina pout about it.
Backstage, Althea thinks Irina is an ass because calling her out on the runway showed a lack of character. Consider this the next time you’re looking for people to bitch to, Althea.
Christopher is… in. Gordana is… in. Logan is out.
I have to say, not crying about this, as Logan started to show himself as kind of a dick in this episode. This is karma for the Malvin crack about Carol Hannah’s pants, if you ask me. Logan says he’s going home because he’s not a designer for middle America. Riiiiight.
Ooh, previews! Tim reveals it’s the last challenge! Christopher is apparently doing something terrible with stalactites. Can’t wait!
Do you think Logan deserved to go home? Do you think he realized he was ripping Althea off? And which was worse: Althea borrowing Meana Irina’s sweater idea or Meana Irina calling her on it during judging?

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