Recap: ‘Project Runway’ – ‘We’re in a New York State of Mind’

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Final five! Whoo hoo! It”s probably too much to hope that Gwetchen will be given the boot, but at this stage in the competition, it”s hard to imagine who else will be aufed. Yes, Michael C. has been circling the drain for the last few challenges, but so has Gwetchen, and if I had to pick one of the two to go to Fashion Week, well, I”d go with Michael C. even if the rumors about him being a backstabbing cheater are true, only because we”ve seen ample evidence of Gwetchen”s evilness. And besides, the woman”s designs are so nauseatingly boho they”d make Stevie Nicks want to man it up a little.

[Full recap of Thursday’s (Oct. 14) “Project Runway” after the break…]
So, just moments after the last elimination, Tim ushers everyone back to the runway, where Heidi informs the designers that they will be whooping it up that evening and they”d better damn well enjoy it. Michael C. is suspicious, as Heidi never dangles a carrot without having a rusty nail planted in it as a surprise. I don”t blame him. Heidi radiates malicious glee most of the time, so it”s hard to know when she”s just being nice, but really, I wouldn”t trust her.
Anyway, the designers enjoy a presidential suite at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, where Gwetchen moans that she”ll FINALLY get a REAL cappuccino, then informs everyone that she”s supposed to be in the final five because she set the intention to do it. Really? Because no one else did that? Andy says “PR” has been a crash course in getting to know who you are and sticking by that, unless Gwetchen bosses you around, in which case you crumple like a wet Kleenex. Oh, wait, that”s just Andy. Michael C. says he learned what other people think of his designs, which is that judges largely like them and his fellow designers want to burn them. April feels like a much stronger person for having been on the show, then starts crying, because she”s either exhausted or premenstrual. Mondo says he feels like he”s been set free. I feel like I”ve been forced to watch the designers bond while a producer stands next to the camera and says, “C”mon, guys, tell each other what the show has meant to you or I”m not writing your CHECK, mwahahahaha!”
The next morning, Tim introduces the designers to Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The mayor tells them they”ll be drawing inspiration from a New York landmark. I”m so glad “PR” has yanked the mayor away from doing his civic duty to read two lines of text.
Michael C. is all about the Statue of Liberty. Oh crap, is he making a toga? April chooses the Brooklyn Bridge. I wonder if her design will smell like exhaust and pee. Mondo picks the Brooklyn Bridge, too. Andy likes Central Park, and Gwetchen chooses the Lower East Side.
At Mood, Tim cautions Michael C. against being too literal. Tim tells April to use some color, already, dammit. She nods and smiles and assures him she”s going to mix things up. However, she doesn”t say she will. April, my God, listen to Tim!
While everyone is furiously designing, Mondo decides to lie down. And take a nap. A looong nap. And when he wakes up, he discovers, oh crap, I”m seriously behind. Mondo, don”t blow it!
Actually, everyone is coming unhinged, so maybe Mondo had the right idea. Andy”s crawling under a table, Michael C. is running around with fabric on his head and April is cackling. But we do learn that Michael C. does a DEAD ON Michael Kors impression!
Gwetchen may be exhausted, but she still has the energy to condemn Andy”s dress for looking like it”s a dominatrix uniform for a Chinese happy ending massage parlor. This sends Andy into a tailspin, which Gwetchen feels so badly about, even though she”s secretly thrilled to be making another designer doubt himself. Gwetchen, thy name is evil, I tell you, evil! Although she isn”t wrong about the dress, unfortunately.
It”s Tim time! He likes Mondo”s work, which is really all that needs to be said. Tim urges April to edit. Tim tells Michael C. his dress looks like a tortured mess. Tim suggest to Andy he not go slutty. And Gwetchen, well, he tells Gwetchen to design for her customer and not herself, and then she tells him how grateful she is, tears up and hugs him. When Mondo points out that Gwetchen seems to be the most exhausted of the designers, I think this makes his case. I”m not saying she doesn”t truly love Tim, or that Tim isn”t truly lovable (because duh, he is) but she seems particularly shaky and unGwetchen-like when she gets weepy over Tim, who isn”t dying and whom she”s going to see later anyway. Maybe she”s just grateful he didn”t tell her to throw out her outfit, which is looking very Macy”s.
The hair guy from Garnier cames to design hairstyles for the models/give the brand a shameless plug, zzzzzzzzz….
Various other things happen, and Michael C. thinks he”s rescued his dress with a woven shrug but ultimately decides he hasn”t, and all the designers are quietly freaking out. Gwetchen calls Michael C. an idiot behind his back. Enough said.
Runway time! Michael, Nina and season four winner Christian Siriano are the judges. Can you even tell Nina”s pregnant? I certainly can”t.  
Michael C.
This is a nice dress. It”s sexy, it”s cut well and it”s simple. Is it too simple for the judges, though? But usually Michael C. gets kudos for simple stuff, so who knows.
The jacket is okay, but not great. Maybe it”s my TV, but I can”t tell much about the skirt, except it has a very dated looking asymmetrical hemline. And Gwetchen”s right – it”s not a runway look. It”s straight outta Macy”s, if you ask me.
The back of this dress is amazing. But it may be too “Matrix”y.
This is fun. Mondo is always Mondo, and as far as I”m concerned, he can do no wrong. He”s winning this whole competition, I”m sure of it.
I don”t love this. The babydoll waistline makes the model look pregnant. And what is it with April and black gauzy dresses? Has she ever used color? Why didn”t she listen to Tim? Would it have killed her to make this in pink? And just because the armband worked last week doesn”t mean she should keep doing it. Sigh. Bad idea, April.
Mondo tells the judges about his inspiration. Michael likes the neutral palette. Nina thinks it”s a phenomenal dress. Christian thinks it”s really chic.
Andy tries to explain that he was inspired by Central Park. Um, I would have gone with a different story, Andy. Michael Kors isn”t seeing it. He is seeing, however, “Bladerunner” and that awful Robert Palmer video from the 80s. But he thinks it”s beautifully made. Nina likes the wet effect. Heidi likes the lines. Nina says it”s a perfect little black dress. Christian loves the weird bracelet.
Gwetchen talks about the Lower East Side. Michael thinks Gwetchen lost her steam. He thinks it looks rock ‘n roll secretarial. Nina doesn”t know what happened. Gwetchen admits she”s run out of steam. And she starts getting weepy and admits she”s sick of the challenges and how she has to conform to the rules or some such. Heidi points out she could have done whatever she wanted to do for this challenge, so that”s a crap excuse. I love that Heidi hates Gwetchen, really, I do. Christian thinks it”s wearable, but he thinks the blouse and skirt are off the rack. Heidi thinks she”s better than this outfit.
Michael tells April her outfit is numbingly the same as everything else she makes. Heidi asks why she didn”t use some damn color. Yeah, April, what”s up with that? April prattles about dark elegance. Heidi isn”t impressed. April cries. Nina calls it a missed opportunity. Christian, however, likes it, but he hasn”t seen the girl”s endless parade of black dresses.
Michael C. says he wanted to make a showstopper. Michael Kors says it”s a showstopper. Nina loves the back. Christian feels it”s old world glamour. Heidi wants to wear it. So, I guess the simple thing ended up working for Michael C.
Heidi asks the designers why they should go to Fashion Week and which two designers should go with them.
Michael C. says he really, really wants to go, and he picks Mondo and Andy.
Gwetchen wants to paint a picture. She picks Mondo and April.
Andy says he”s taken risks. He picks Mondo and April.
Mondo says he has fun creating. He picks Michael C. because he listens and isn”t afraid to grow. And for the second, he”s torn between April and Andy, but he picks April.
April is sure she could put forth a beautiful collection that isn”t just black. She picks Mondo and Gretchen, for no particular reason.
I think it”s so interesting that only one person picked Gwetchen, and that was her roommate. I”m sure Gwetchen simply interpreted that as a challenge or a reflection of the guys being friends with one another and doesn”t think it has anything to do with her making ugly boho crap, but the truth is, I don”t think anyone sees her as much of a threat or a competitor at this point. And, of course, they don”t want to share an apartment with her when everyone goes to Bryant Park, either.
Backstage, April cries. Because she knows she”s going home. Mondo admits it was hard for him to pick two people, and he wished all five designers would get to the finals. Mondo seems to think he”s actually picking who goes to the finals. Relax, Mondo, the judges have that covered.  
The judges chatter backstage. When everyone sings Mondo”s praises, Christian gets his jealous bitch on and says the styling was… well, he doesn”t use a word, just waves his hands over his head. Shut up, Christian. Or mime up, I guess.
Michael thinks Andy is great, but worries he”s stuck in the dominatrix/warrior bitch mode. Nina believes in his fabric manipulation. I thought he made a pretty stellar dress, and it wasn”t exactly like what he”d done in the past. He”s going to Fashion Week.
Michael says Michael C.”s dress was sophisticated and amazing. Nina thinks it was phenomenal. Christian points out that he didn”t know the name of the fabric he was using. Michael Kors argues that he may not know the name, but he knows how to use it. Heidi thinks that”s more important, and I”m with Heidi.
Michael calls April”s dress a pregnant witch outfit. And it is. Poor April. Heidi calls Gwetchen”s outfit unwearable. Michael doesn”t know why Gwetchen fell apart during this challenge, but says the taste is there. Gwetchen is also the nutjob who made a mini collection in camel and bordeaux, people, that is not tasteful!
Sadly, I think April”s definitely out, if I had to place a bet.
Michael C. is… in. He cries. Mondo is, of course, in. Backstage, he and Michael C. hug and there”s more crying. Andy is… in.
It”s down to Gwetchen and April. Gwetchen is… in.
Gwetchen says she”s been dreaming of her collection, and that she needs a high end fashion show to show what she can do. Really, Gwetchen? You”ve been dreaming of designing a high end collection? And you send a crappy Macy”s outfit down the runway for this challenge? Maybe Gwetchen just needs a nap, but I”m not convinced her line for Fashion Week is going to be substantially more interesting than what she”s been doing lately. The boho thing is fine if you have a tiny boutique in Topanga Canyon, but too much of her stuff is either boring or gag-inducingly stuck in the hippie era. Thinking of that aesthetic floating down the runway at Bryant Park just makes my head hurt. But there”s one more elimination to come, so fingers crossed it”s The Evil One.
Do you think April deserved to get sent home? Who do you think will make it to Bryant Park? And who do you think is going to win?

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