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Four dancers left! Eight days until a winner! The judges are powerless! The tweens hold the cards! Lord save us! Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but don’t count out the power of those tweens! I mean, those tiny little fingers really can text at the speed of light, you know. But the show is starting, so let’s get to it!

[Full recap of Wednesday’s (Aug. 4) “So You Think You Can Dance” after the break…]

Cat is looking very spangly tonight. Toasty (I’m not explaining this again, I call him Toasty, deal with it) joins the judges panel tonight, which is always a good thing, because he knows his stuff and yet doesn’t beat the kids down.
So, before the actual show can start, we have to yack about National Dance Day. Cat danced at home, which basically means she didn’t do anything. C’mon, Cat, at least pretend to give a crap about your job.
Toasty taught the final four a Broadway routine to “Guys and Dolls.” Or, in this case, doll. Rob sees this as an opportunity to scream like he’s being eviscerated in rehearsal. Oh, Rob. This crazy-goofy-mentally handicapped thing isn’t getting you votes. There are these things called cameras which are often ON. And they do not censor your actions. Try to remember this.
Watching this, I’m even more convinced that Lauren and Kent have futures on Broadway. Adechike and Robert have the moves, but they disappear a bit in this routine. Toasty says Kent stands out. And he liked Adechike and Robert and Lauren, but apparently very briefly because he compliments them as an afterthought.  Talk about playing favorites, Toasty. Adam, being the huggy sort, loves them all. Nigel is the big bummer who has to remind them that one is going home. Thanks, Nigel.
Finally, it’s time for the final four to get hoofin’ for their lives!

She’s going to learn a Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo tango with Pasha. It’s going to be hot and steamy. Lauren isn’t entirely comfortable with this, and neither am I. Lauren had some issues with bringing the sexy early on, and even though I think she’s gotten past them, I’m not sure Mia’s on board yet. At this stage, a cutting critique from even one judge could mean elimination. And I’d hate to see Lauren go.
But I think the judges will have a hard time calling Lauren athletic but sexless tonight. This is gorgeous and sexy and perfectly measured. I barely recognize this as Lauren. It’s incredible intense. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Lauren was a pro tango dancer. You go, Lauren!
Nigel loved the control. He says Lauren’s proved why she should be in the finale. Toasty gives her props for giving the audience lots of grunts. Okay, he sounded it out, but the upshot is he liked it. Mia says Lauren became a woman.
Adam changes it up by mentioning the overturning of Prop 8 in California. So he asks Nigel to marry him. Nigel admits he’s been a bit lonely lately, and might take him up on it. Then Adam remembers he’s a judge on a dance show and not a politician and tells Lauren that every little thing she does is magic. And then he makes a comparison to “Last Tango in Paris,” but warns the kids in the audience not to rent that. No joke, Adam. Why not just tell the audience the dance was like really classy porn, but they shouldn’t rent any of it to understand what he’s talking about? What with the balls out comment last week, Adam’s working awfully blue lately.
Then, we learn about Lauren. She’s a cheerleader! She’s a student teacher! She gets good grades! Her family has a corgi (squeee!)! She’s the perfect daughter! And she can dance like a grown-ass woman who’s had a lot of sex! Go, Lauren!
It’s time for him to pair up with all-star Lauren for an African jazz routine by Sean Cheesman. It’s all about rejoicing and is supposed to be a metaphor for Adechike’s journey on the show. He started out unfocused, and then he rejoiced. Or something. Let’s just watch the dance.
I’m a little sorry Adechike drew this dance, because I don’t think it really suits him. I know someone is going to say, well, duh, he’s African-American and it’s an African jazz routine, it should, and my response would be, stereotype much? And then there would be an argument, so let’s just forget it ever happened and I’ll continue. It’s not that this isn’t good. The beginning is very, very good, in fact. It’s just that Adechike isn’t a very rejoice-y kind of guy. He’s intense. He’s serious. And sometimes he’s just having fun, sure, like that last routine with Lauren, but when he really shines is when he’s a balled-up nerve. He’s never seemed completely comfortable mugging the way Kent does. And that doesn’t mean he isn’t just as good of a dancer. He’s just a different personality. Just as I think Kent is laughable as a tough guy, I don’t like watching Adechike try to do this. Because it’s just not him.
And apparently, the judges agree. Nigel tells him he wishes he had a looser back. Toasty tells Nigel he doesn’t agree with him, then says he’s just kidding. OMG, why not just stab Adechike in the throat? He tells Adechike he needed to lay it down and he didn’t. He danced well, but he didn’t take it out the door and everywhere. Mia didn’t care for it. She felt the execution wasn’t great because of the tightness in his upper body. She thought he’d tear it up, but he didn’t. Adam said he didn’t lose himself in it.
And then… we don’t learn anything about Adechike. Huh? Did Cat screw up, or does he not have a segment?
Jonathan Roberts is choreographing a Viennese waltz for Robert and Anya. Robert thinks he’s a ballroom expert. Jonathan isn’t convinced. But Robert’s joking anyway.
Cat calls Robert a delicious biscuit. But a Viennese waltz in the finals? Egads. That’s just mean. Because, let’s face it, so many of the ballroom numbers have been boring as hell. But this one is really, truly beautiful. There are a few moments when I feel like Robert isn’t fully in the routine, but mostly he’s spot on. The fact that I’m not sleeping during a Viennese waltz is a minor miracle, but this one is worth watching again. Robert is looking a lot better this week. As in, looking like a top two finalist.
Nigel gives Roberts props for his carriage and says it was great, and that he outdanced Pasha, because he delivered the straight arm lift Pasha didn’t in his dance with Lauren. Toasty gives Robert props for being fully invested in the dance. Mia calls him the prince of this season and would love to see the dance again, because it was so beautiful. But sometimes she could see him thinking. But it was still beautiful. Adam tells Robert he was brilliant. And suggests he might be moving up in the competition.
Time to learn about Robert! His parents divorce made him sad when he was 12. But he’s glad she has a good second marriage. His stepdad’s humor has rubbed off on him, which is not a good thing, really. Oh, and Robert lives in North Hollywood. With four people. Including Channing from season 6. And he likes to bad dance with Channing. And he invites Cat to come over for some bad dancing. And he’s holding Cat really, really tight. Don’t get too excited, Cat. Just saying, I think he only likes you as a friend. Which is not a reflection on you, seriously. And that’s all we’ll say about it.
Time for a Doriana Sanchez disco with Courtney! Kent doesn’t know anything about no stinkin’ disco. Or what Studio 54 is. Sigh. Kent has to lug Courtney around. I think Courtney may outweigh him by a bit, though. Not that she’s a big girl, but he’s definitely not a big guy. Boy, everyone’s getting the rough dances tonight.
Amazingly, Kent delivers, even helicoptering Courtney around his head without passing out. But he’s kind of mugging here. Maybe I have too many previous “SYTYCD” discos in my head or just memories of a young, hot John Travolta, but it doesn’t look very disco to me. It doesn’t look sexy, either. Not my favorite performance from Kent, though technically it’s fine. I’m just kind of feeling like Kent isn’t delivering the goods.
Nigel starts asking Kent how many lifts he screwed up, because the number was low on lifts. Kent says he’s not big. Nigel gives Kent props for not acting cheesy.
We interrupt everything to talk about Nick from season 1. It’s his birthday. Great. Seriously, why are we doing this? Save the chit chat for later, judges.
Toasty tells Kent he did a good job. But maybe he needed more research, because it was only good. Mia said it was his worst performance of the season. Adam agrees with Mia. And now Nigel doesn’t want to marry Adam anymore. Oh, young love! Adam says it was a childish performance that lacked Blue Steel and Rico Suave. Nigel is very unhappy with Adam and Mia, because they are so screwing with his master plan of Kent and Lauren being the final two, which he’s stubbornly clinging to for whatever reason. I fear if we saw him after the show, he’d be messing with the votes.
And now it’s back to Ohio with Kent. He dances in Wapakoneta but goes to school in Botkins. He knows everyone in his small community. He likes soccer, too. He’s the only guy dancer in town. He doesn’t want Hollywood to change him. Aw, come on, Hollywood isn’t so bad, Kent. He wants everyone to know they can succeed no matter where they’re from as long as they’re talented. Kent should be a motivational speaker if this dancing thing doesn’t work out.
She’s dancing with Ade to a Sean Cheesman jazz number. She needs to be vampy, sexy and enticing as a black widow. After the last number, I’m pretty sure she can pull this off.
Wow, look at Lauren rocking the black catsuit! This is hot. Wait, Lauren, don’t smile! Stop that! You’re a black widow! Not a happy widow! But it’s still amazing. Lauren is having a good night, clearly.
Nigel loved the lift. He gives Lauren props for being a strong woman and says she deserves to be in the finale. Toasty says fantastic job, but he wanted more ferociousness in the ending. Mia tells Lauren she’s a beast, which is a good thing. There were a few moments she needed more ferociousness, but as a whole she thought it was amazing. Adam said he wants to hire Lauren. Score!

He’s dancing with Kathryn to a routine by Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rohden. He’s worked with them before, Desmond was the person who made him want to dance. This should be an ace in the hole for Adechike.
Okay, this is nitpicky stuff, but why oh why does the costume department put the all-star in a red satin dress and the competitor in pastel purples? Adechike practically disappears into the background in this routine. I would have liked to see more of a connection with Kathryn, but it didn’t seem to be in the choreography, really. They made good use of the physical space, but at the expense of seeing him connect with her, and that’s what the judges tend to fixate on.    
Nigel tells Adechike he’s proud of him, but he needed to stretch his legs and he looked physically tired. Toasty wants to celebrate Adechike where he is right now. He left a piece of himself on the dance floor, which is good, but he has a long way to go. Mia wanted more. She tells Adechike she felt exhaustion and a disconnect and a lack of strength and fluidity. Adam felt he laid it out there, and he’s grown so much and he’s super proud. Wow, sounds like a send off to me. Cat can tell us a thousand times how the judges no longer have a say, but seriously, they make their wishes known in no uncertain terms.
Ah, now we find out about Adechike. He grew up in the hood in Bedford-Stuyvesent. It wasn’t cool to be a male dancer there. I bet. Aw, man, this is going to make me cry. His mother is very proud of him. He’s come far. And now he’s crying. And he’s grateful and humbled. This is his Oscar speech. And he might as well take the moment and enjoy it, because honestly, the judges have pretty much sent him on his way. And why is his segment at the end of his second dance, by the way?
He’s doing a NappyTabs hip hop number with Dominic while dressed as the Joker. Not really, but that is some outfit, wowza. But it makes sense, because he’s a sad, angry, out-of-work clown. Like Spencer Pratt, but different.
This is kind of a great routine, and Robert is amazingly good. We’re talking close to Alex hip-hop good. I love this routine, and Robert absolutely brings it. Maybe Robert was really meant to be a hip-hop dancer.
Nigel loved it. He hopes Dominic can go on the tour, because the routine was tremendous. He tells Robert he was brilliant. Toasty tells Robert he really showed up for the piece and made it magic. Which is everything and a bag of chips. Mia thought it was perfect. Adam tells Robert he outdanced Dominic. Dominic agrees. Adam tells Robert he was sickness and the night is his. I have to agree. Robert got two dances that could have been disasters and were totally outside of his wheelhouse and nailed them. Sorry, Kent, but you’ve blown one dance and I don’t see how the second could make up for it.
Kent has a Travis Wall contemporary routine with Neil. Well, he should nail this, being a contemporary dancer and all. This is about a bromance break-up. In rehearsal, Kent is dancing in black dress socks. Kent, please never do that again.
Oddly enough, since the judges complained about the immaturity of Kent’s disco, I felt like this dance certainly didn’t help him in that regard, as he’s playing what feels like the picked-on little brother to Neil’s character. That being said, it’s a beautiful piece beautifully danced, but Kent really comes across as a kid in this.
Nigel says Travis Wall’s piece was absolutely chilling and the best of the show. He thought it was danced brilliantly. And he’s just booked a place in the finale. Stop trying to manipulate voters, Nigel. Toasty thought it was brilliant. Mia can’t find words. She’s all weepy. Adam says that if this was the finale, he would have won the show. Okay, I thought it was good, too, but I think the judges are overselling it. He’s a contemporary dancer dancing a contemporary dance. Let’s not lose our minds.
Okay, it seems pretty obvious that Adechike is going home. But honestly, I don’t see a finale with Kent and Lauren anymore, as I think Robert had the stronger, more mature performances of the evening. He showed greater range and honestly, greater growth over the course of the season. I can’t really say Kent’s ever come across as a grown-ass man, not the way Robert has. But, as I said before, it’s all about the tweens, and they think Kent is totally dreamy! Sigh. So yeah, it probably is a finale with Kent and Lauren, as Kent could have taken a crap stage left and all the little girls would probably think it was, like, super cute.
Hey, Alex is next to Jose in the audience! Come back next season, Alex! We miss you!
Do you think Adechike is going home? Who do you think is making it to the final two? And who do you think had the best evening?


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