Recap: ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Results – Down to the Top 3

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It”s the penultimate week of “So You Think You Can Dance,” which is both exciting and a little sad, as it”s just another reminder that the real shoe-in for the season finale is sitting on the sidelines. Yes, I know, you”re probably tired of hearing Alex, Alex, Alex, but even watching last night”s sometimes stellar, sometimes wince-worthy performances, his absence is sorely felt. But there”s always next season, if he (and we) are lucky, so let”s get on to the results!

[Thursday’s (Aug. 5) “So You Think You Can Dance” recap after the break…]

The opening number is very cool, even if the majority of it does seem to entail Ade tossing around women wearing big, flouncy dresses. Hey, there have been worse concepts on the show, so that”s fine. Toss away.
And, oh yay, we have to get MORE of a rehash on National Dance Day. Okay, everyone danced, it was a huge success, Nigel got a congresswoman to support a bill for National Dance Day, blah blah blah. Sure, this is all good, heartwarming stuff, but really, it”s over, let”s move on. This is like running “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in mid-March.
Nigel says next week will be incredible. There will be tap. And there will be a recreation of Alex and Twitch”s hip-hop routine. Without Alex. Nigel promises there will be a dance legend in Alex”s place, but I”m sorry, it”s just not the same. Part of what made that routine so remarkable is we had no reason to expect Alex to be so good at hip-hop. Granted, it”s a great routine, I won”t be sorry to see it again, but I”m not sure we needed to get so fired up about it, Nigel. I”m surprised no one has congratulated Nigel on taking (or really re-taking) the “American Idol” gig, but maybe that”s next week.
Time for “Tightrope” by Janelle Monae. She has an incredible voice, but this song is pretty forgettable. But then, I think she”s suffered from endless hipster overhype. Though she is cute as a button. And make me want to get a custom-made tuxedo. But maybe not with highwater pants.
Recap time! Lots of footage of Lauren doing her sexy thing last night. And now, her solo. She is such a remarkable dancer. And now that we know Adam wants to hire her, I”m not too worried about whether or not she wins this contest. At least we know she”ll work.
Yay, another time waster! With product placement! The dancers are invited to the Gatorade Performance Lab to determine if dancers are really athletes. Oh, they”re also going to teach the dancers about hydration levels! And how, I”m guessing, Gatorade can help them! The verdict? The dancers are athletes! I”m shocked!
It”s time to look at Kent”s subpar performance last night. Yes, the second routine was far better than the disco, but come on, it wasn”t the cancer dance. Anyway, time for his solo. It”s funny, but I think his solo performances come across as far more mature and accomplished than his couples work.
Cat wrangles all the dancers onstage to give them results. She”s going to reveal one dancer who is moving on to the finals. And that dancer is… Lauren. Not surprised at all. Adam tells Lauren he prayed she”d make it into the finale. Aw, Adam. I can almost see why Miley Cyrus wanted to give him a lapdance. Okay, not really, that was just weird, but he is a big softie.
And now, a plug for the tour. I wouldn”t be surprised if there was a subliminal audio message urging us to buy tickets NOW, buy tickets NOW. And drink Gatorade. Maybe watch the Teen Choice Awards on Fox. And “Glee.” And don”t forget National Dance Day next year!
Now, Adechike”s recap. Yeah, he”s going home. And as much as I like Adechike, I have to agree. Maybe Adam can give him a job, too. His robot-inspired solo doesn”t show off all he can do, but at this point, why bother? And it”s fun. Plus, he didn”t blow out his knee, and at this point in the competition, that”s probably a greater concern for all the dancers.
Next, we move on to Robert. Boy, he was so damn good last night. His solo is fine, but really, I”m still thinking about his hip hop sad clown routine from last night. I like it even better the second time, really. Even though it seems like Kent will win this thing, I find myself torn between Lauren and Robert.
Cat rounds up the kids and reveals the next finalist. Kent. Duh. It doesn”t matter that he blew it last night, even though Nigel tries to convince us that no one is a safe bet at this point in the competition. Nigel tells Kent he”s grown and lost his gawkiness. Really? Personally, I think he”s all about the gawky. Sometimes it works for him, sometimes it doesn”t. But I”m just not sure he”s better than Lauren or Robert.
Desmond Richardson dances to the Rolling Stones. In very interesting half-jeggings. But dancers can get away with weird fashion choices, because they have perfect bodies.
Oh yay, more product placement! The dancers get to go see “Step Up 3D”! Which just happens to have been produced by Adam Shankman! Did you know one move can set a whole generation free? I didn”t. But I know cheesy dialogue when I hear it!
Flo Rida just happens to be available to perform his song from the “Step Up 3D” soundtrack, “Right Round”! How lucky! I wonder if Flo Rida has siblings named Al Abama or Chic Ago. Probably not.
What was I watching again? Oh, yeah, forgot, eliminations. Are we still doing that? Oh, we are. Cat has dragged Adechike and Robert out to the stage to get the news. The final person in the finale is… Robert. Well, yeah. Not a big surprise. Adechike is going home, which is sad, but Robert has to be in the finals or there is no justice in the world of reality TV. Did I actually say that?
We get the Adechike montage. And in another season, he might have won it, really, because he was truly a strong competitor. Adechike doesn”t seem surprised. I mean, when the judges give you the kiss off the night before, you”ve probably had some time to get used to the idea. Unfortunately, Robert doesn”t get the pat on the head from the judges, but I”m sure he doesn”t care. He”s going to the finals, and if next Wednesday is anything like this Wednesday, he just might win the whole shebang.
Do you think it was time for Adechike to go home? Do you think Kent will win? And are you buying tickets to the tour (and to “Step Up 3D, and a bottle of Gatorade and…)?

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