Recap: ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Season Six Finale: Performances

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Tonight”s show is moving reallyreallyreally fast, because six performances (the final six!) have to be squeezed into an hour to make room for friggin” Gordon Ramsay”s cooking show. I”m not going to complain too much, because I”m more than happy to miss the interviews with the dancers about their favorite toenails and why they love puppies, plus it gives Cat an excuse to tell the judges to shut their traps when they”re blabbering on about a dance to hear the sounds of their own voices. But speaking of blabbering on, let”s cut to the chase, because with everyone couple dancing with everyone else, there”s a whole lotta dancing to cover tonight! As Mary might say, whoooooo!

[Recap of Tuesday’s “So You Think You Can Dance” after the break..]

Kathryn and Ryan
Choreographer: Jason Gilkison
Style: Samba
Okay, this is pretty hot. Overall, great job. But still, Ryan seems a wee bit stiff in the parts where he has to shake his groove thing, which is probably due to having his shirt off and feeling like a big boytoy for Adam and the voting public, but hey, if you”ve got it, flaunt it. Still, I can”t help but compare him to Russell or Jakob here, who both seem more capable of loosening up. Kathryn is mostly excellent but misses a few moves at the beginning. But it”s hard for me to believe this girl was the blank-faced puppet we saw at the beginning of the show. She”s really, really improved, no doubt about it.
Nigel says he loves it. He can”t believe Kathryn isn”t a ballroom dancer. Mary thinks Ryan was just shaking it and Karthryn was eating it up. Or something crazy like that. Adam says the show should be called ‘The Rise of Kathryn”, which would not be so great for ratings and makes me think he shouldn”t produce TV anytime soon. And he liked Ryan shirtless, which really, we could have figured out for ourselves.
Wow, Cat stops the show to tell us that the winner will be featured on the cover of Dance Spirit magazine! Wowza! Never heard of it! And I have to say, when she reminds us that the winner will take home A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS (gasp!), it kind of reminds me of Dr. Evil and his “One meeeeeeelion dollars” line. Um, sure, it”s a nice amount of money, but it”s not like any of these kids can retire on it. Calm down, Cat.
Ellenore and Jakob
Choreographer: Toasty Oreo
Style: Broadway
Okay, Jakob could be the next Bob Fosse, but I don”t think Ellenore is the next Sally Bowles. Sorry. She”s quirky, but sometimes she”s out of synch with Jakob and mostly she seems to just be waving her hands, and not in a Fosse way. I don”t love this, and I want to love it.
Nigel says Ellenore was Fosse-esque and Jakob was Jakob-esque, and that”s a good thing. Mary thought Ellenore was smoldering and thought Jakob was tremendous. Adam thought the number made Broadway hip, and Ellenore looked beautiful, while Jakob was selfless. Also a good thing. The judges are just super lovey tonight, which is so, so boring.
Ashleigh and Russell
Choreographer: Sonja Tayek
Style: Contemporary
Is there a rule in contemporary dance that the women must wear babydoll nighties? Not that it matters, because I just can”t keep my eyes off of Russell. He”s doing the heavy lifting in this routine, which kind of screws Ashleigh because she just doesn”t get as much to do while Russell”s fluttering and summersaulting around the stage like a crazy person. But I can”t blame Sonja for highlighting him, because he”s just that good. Really, it”s amazing this guy is a krumper.
Nigel thought the routine was all about Russell. Mary thinks Ashleigh”s passion was right on. And then she gets weepy talking about Russell. Adam thought Ashleigh was a beautiful guardian angel, while Russell kicked the dance”s ass.
Ellenore and Ryan
Choreographer: Gary Stewart
Style: Jazz
I feel like the choreographer decided Ryan can”t win this, so might as well do something weird to make Ellenore happy. This is a horrible routine, seriously. Horrible. Robot dancing? In the finals? WTF? Also, every mistake is in high-def, because there”s nothing else to look at except technique. Ellenore gets the herky-jerkiness of the routine down, bur Ryan can”t find the snap. Ryan is getting kinda screwed tonight, I think.
Nigel thought it was a technical exercise that didn”t move him emotionally. Mary loved it because it was different. Adam agreed with Nigel and Mary, but thought Ryan and Ellenore were great. I think the judges aren”t going to say anything negative tonight.
Ashleigh and Jakob
Choreographer: Jean-Marc
Style: Foxtrot
I have to hand it to Jakob and Ashleigh, because this routine was a total snooze and the music was TERRIBLE, but they somehow looked like they were having a blast, which must have been some doing. Technically beautiful. Excuse me, though, because I need a nap, which is NOT Jakob or Ashleigh”s fault.
Nigel thought Ashleigh was fantastic and the chemistry was outstanding. Mary thought Ashleigh”s lines were beautiful and Jakob keeps improving in ballroom. Adam thought they had a great partnership.
Ellenore and Russell
Choreographer: Jason Gilkison
Style: Paso doble
This is hot, but I can”t understand why the camera man is shooting this from somewhere in New Jersey. I want to see their faces, and I can”t. I mean, it looks hot, I think, but Russell could be sticking out his tongue and Ellenore could be doing her weird alien faces, I just don”t know. But the moves are mostly sharp, well, except for Russell”s. I mean, he”s athletic and can handle the moves, but he doesn”t really have the form down, I don”t think. I actually believe Legacy could handle this better. At least his hair would look fierce.
Nigel wonders where the shirts are. He thinks Russell”s form needed help but he was passionate and fiery, as was Ellenore. Mary thought Ellenore was a vixen and Russell made up for poor form with passion. Adam loved Russell”s controlled ronde de jambe, which is a dance move even though it sounds like a ham dish.
Kathryn and Jakob
Choreographers: Dwight and Desmond
Style: Contemporary
Even though the song choice was semi-awful, I think this was one of the best routines of the night. I”ll even go so far as to say Kathryn has bypassed Ellenore to stand tall as the best female dancer on the show. And Jakob, of course, should win this thing, but that”s a given.
Hey, looks like the judges agree with me, because they”re giving them a standing ovation.
Nigel says they just stopped the show. He admits Kathryn was his favorite girl and tells Jakob he must join a company because he”s so damn brilliant. Mary thought it was one of the best performances she”s ever seen. Adam thinks the routine was a game changer. And then he starts crying. So yeah, they liked it.
Ashleigh and Ryan
Choreographer: Travis Wall
Style: Contemporary
This is a beautiful routine, but I”m not even sure how to judge it, as they”re friggin” married. Which makes it more emotional and more meaningful, but is that fair? Or is it unfair to even take that into consideration? They are, after all, professionals. So confusing. But it was very good in any case.
Nigel says they”ve accounted for themselves very, very well. But he still thinks Ashleigh has better chemistry with Jakob than her husband. Mary thinks it”s going to be a great memory for them, which completely bypasses criticism. Adam asks them how it felt, then they both cry, and he appreciates the incredible tenderness. I think it”s interesting that Adam and Mary both decide to just say, aw, sweet and not a damn thing about the dancing.
Kathryn and Russell
Choreographers: Tabitha and Napoleon
Style: Hip-hop
Kathryn needs to remember not to smile during a hip hop routine, but otherwise, she”s good. Russell, of course, is in his element. It”s good overall, but seriously, a little cutesy hip-hop number isn”t the best way to end a show that”s had some real kick-ass numbers. But it”s fine, I guess.
Nigel is really happy to say it was great and can”t believe Kathryn was so gangsta. Mary tells them they have her heart. Adam thought Kathryn tore it up.
So, here we are, the last hurrah. And my feelings about who should win this haven”t changed – I vote for Jakob. He”s just head and shoulders above everyone else. But should he die of exhaustion in his sleep tonight, I will admit that Kathryn really brought it tonight and deserves, if nothing else, a pat on the head and a really nice job offer. It”s not that Ellenore, Russell, Ashleigh and Ryan weren”t good, mind you. It”s just that these two were beyond great.
So tomorrow, after I have to suffer through a Jennifer Lopez performance, I”ll be rooting for Jakob. What about you?
Who do you want to win? What did you think of Ashleigh and Ryan”s performance? Do you think Ellenore and Ryan were screwed to get that lousy robot dance?

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