Recap: ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ – Week 7 – Eliminations

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It”s the show before the finals! OMG! I am exhausted before the show even starts. Maybe watching elimination Wednesdays could count as a workout, because they have become pretty nerve wracking. The truth is, at this point you don”t really want anyone to go because the bar has, truly, been set so high. Not even Mollee. No joke.

[Full recap of Wednesday (Dec. 9) night’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” including the results and your Final Six after the break…]

Anyway, we start things off with Cat wearing a wretched neon yellow belt over a housedress and the traditional group dance. And it”s a Sonya routine, so of course it”s pretty athletic and cool and a little edgy and involves some brightly colored asymmetrical outfits. But I can”t even focus because God, it”s the most important vote of the season! Cat said so! She really needs to stop saying that every week.

Cat has to tell us the opening number was remixed by Samantha Ronson, who is the world”s most famous DJ. Um, that”s because she used to date Lilo, but we”re not supposed to discuss that. But she seems very nice and I get the impression she had to put up with a lot of crap from Lohan, so go, Sam, mix away. We”d pick you in the post-breakup division of friends, if only because you wear jaunty hats.
Time to start cutting!
Russell is… safe. I knew that Santa Claus routine got the tween vote. But honestly, he is thoroughly adorable and hugely talented, so I can”t say I really minded that he stopped dancing to get his shoe. He”s just a practical guy.
Legacy is… in danger. This makes me a little sad, but of the two guys who aren”t formally trained, I do think Russell was maybe a wee bit stronger last night (I KNEW that NappyTab routine was trouble!), but more importantly (for the purposes of the show, mind you), he has that crazy infectious smile. He just looks like he”s having SO much fun. Legacy is intense, but Russell has joy oozing out of every cell or whatever borderline gross thing Adam said last night. It was a given that America picked him over Legacy.
Jakob is… going to have to wait until after the break. Psyche! Oh, we”re back. And he”s safe. Because he couldn”t not be. He”s gonna win this mother, I guarantee it!
Ryan is, of course, in danger. It”s sad. I”ve really grown to like Ryan. But is he one of my favorite dancers on the show? I can”t say he is. But it seems like he loves his wife, so at least he”ll have a shoulder to cry on. But oh, how cool would it be to see them dance together in the finals?
Mary tells Ryan he”s done better outside his genre than in it, and she”d love to see him dance with Ashleigh. She tells Legacy has brought it every week. I really hate that Cat has to ask the judges for input after the first cut. What does she expect, one of them is going to say, “Thank God! I thought Ryan stunk up the room! And Legacy, what a loser what with the chemo head hat. Send ’em packing!” Although that would liven things up a bit.
Finally, it”s time for the girls.
Kathryn is… safe. And part of me is thrilled, but now I”m looking at who”s left, and I”m worried. Ellenore is, I think, the strongest female. But I think Ashleigh has shown the most growth since day one. And Mollee, well, I”m not really rooting for Mollee though she has been very good lately. But still, two people have to be in the bottom two, so this can”t be good.
Ellenore is… in danger. Noooooooo!
Ashleigh is… safe! That”s great! Color me shocked! I really thought her injury would put her in the bottom automatically.
Mollee is in danger. Wah-wah.
Adam looks like he”s going to cry. Actually, Mollee looks like she”s going to cry, too. Because there”s no way she got more votes than Ellenore.
Adam thinks Mollee”s last night was her best night, which is definitely true. Then he says her routines last night were some of the best performances of the season, which I think has lot to do with Jakob. Then, he points out that being paired with Nathan hurt her, which is absolutely true. He points out that Kathryn”s cha-cha was possibly the best performance of the season and that she had a Jeanine moment. Then Cat told him to shut up. Adam has chronic diarrhea of the mouth.
Asia”s number one pop group, the South Korean singers the Wonder Girls, performs in matching hostess outfits. And I can definitely say that Asia”s number one pop group sings completely boring, generic pop crap. I”m all for imports, but I”d rather get a nice pair of shoes. Listening to this is like getting one of those Mattel toys with the high lead levels.
Now, I hate to comment on these stupid Kmart spots, but this one is kind of sweet, as it seems like everyone genuinely likes one another and gives surprisingly thoughtful gifts, which I can”t even say for some of the friends I”ve had for years, although they are Kmart crap. But let”s move on.
Otherwise known as the chemo patient. Yes, I know he has to wear that hat to spin on his head, but without that spiky hair, he just isn”t that cute. But yes, he is really stinkin” good.
Girl gets her ballerina on. She can”t go home, can she? Come on!
Ryan”s wearing bangs tonight, which is kind of sporty and youthful, at least until they split down the middle and he looks like Alfafa.
Mollee does her thing, and I must reluctantly say, she”s good. She”s not Ellenore good, but she”s good.
Kris Allen performs. Yawn. You know, I really think that the best thing that can happen in a musician”s career is coming in second on ‘American Idol” and the worst is actually winning it. I mean, it”s got to sting that he”s only performing on the semi-finals of “SYTYCD”, while Adam Lambert is performing next week. I mean, Kris seems perfectly fine and talented in a boring Nickelback kind of way, but I suspect he”s going the way of Taylor Hicks.  
Ooh, results time! Mollee and Ellenore hold hands. Mollee looks wrecked already. The girl in next week”s finale is… Ellenore. Mollee doesn”t look surprised. Ellenore does.
Okay, I know I just hated this girl all through the beginning of the competition, but now that she”s crying and she looks so YOUNG it”s really pretty heartbreaking. And she has absolutely improved since she was able to dump Nathan, I have to say. After last night, I think she could totally handle a lead on Broadway. She”ll be fine, she has a big and bright future ahead of her, but poor little thing!
Aw, man, she”s trying so hard to hold it together. She thanks the judges, which is gracious, and I can”t believe I”m saying it, but I”m sad to see her go! Stupid reality television!
Ryan and Legacy are up. The guy moving on to next week”s final is… Ryan. Huh. I”m not sure how to feel about this one, honestly. I thought they were both incredible dancers. And truth told, Legacy brought a fire and a passion to his dances that Ryan lacked, though Ryan had more technical skill. But I would have been broken up if Ryan would have been axed, too.
Legacy thanks America for being there and letting him inspire people. And then he gets weepy. God, this is like having a death in the family or something. Cat tries to keep Mollee from crying through her signoff.
Okay, I”ve got to go sob into a pillow or find some prescription medication or something, because this was all way too emotionally taxing. But I will say one last thing… go Jakob!
Do you think Legacy and Mollee needed to go? Do you think Ashleigh deserved a pass into the finals? And who do you think is going to win?

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