Recap: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ – ‘Poor Little Lambs’

09.30.14 3 years ago


Still haven”t caught up on Tuesday night”s “Sons of Anarchy?” Well call up the dog walkers, dig up some dead bodies and tell that ghost to stop talking because that body count just keeps on rising and you might want to see it for yourselves.

“Poor Little Lambs” was indeed the episode in which we finally met Courtney Love, Abel”s new sweater-wearing preschool teacher, Ms. Harrison. Even though we only had minimal time with her in the carpool lane, she”s already won our hearts by a) not wearing leather or a crop top like every other female on this show, and b) having the line of the night: “Damn. Grandma”s kind of crazy.” 

If she only knew.

Turns out though, “Little Lambs” wasn”t referring to Abel and Thomas as we speculated last week, but to the escorts at the Stockton whorehouse Jax and Nero so painstakingly put together. After the cops unknowingly trailed Jax and Chibs to a deal with the “dog walkers” (as oddly described by Marilyn Manson”s character) things escalated pretty quickly. The Nazis, crazy to begin with, were insane enough to shoot the male partner in the head, and leave the female partner for dead. It all looked like a huge setup on behalf of the Sons, and was apparently the final straw for Lin, who was suspicious to begin with. The street war is officially on, y”all.

We thought throwing a grenade into the Sons” ice cream shop was bad, especially with Jarry inside. But that was nothing compared to the move Lin and his people made on the whorehouse, when the term “lambs to the slaughter” came into effect. If Nero thought he was riding the line before, he”ll definitely be picking sides now. And Gemma will have some explaining to do about why she (luckily) wasn”t there. Who knew Juice would accidentally save her again?

The episode also marked the final appearance for Kim Dickens as one-time Jax muse Colette. I found it convenient that the woman who lured Jax from his marriage in the first place suddenly reappeared and was occupied with his well-being, post-Tara”s death. But it was even stranger when Gemma gave her blessing about Colette being good for her son. Because, of course that”s what every woman wants for her baby, right? A nice mother hen prostitute to satisfy his “mommy fetish?” Sadly we”ll never know, because now Jax has had someone else in his life ripped from him, and we all know that”s not going to go over so well. 

This just when we started to see signs of the old Jax Teller return. Before all heck broke loose towards the end of the episode we learned that the pastor the Sons killed was actually August Marks” business partner. Chalk another secret up for the club to keep. Instead of admitting the pastor was dead, they agreed to help track down the man”s wife so that she could sign off on the paperwork for the housing project (read: money laundering project) Marks is thisclose to finalizing. 

Not only was the storyline the perfect opportunity for Tig and Rat to have more of their weird sexual banter, but it marked the return of Venus, (Justified”s Walton Goggins). In some of the lighter moments of the episode, we saw Jax and the guys joke around with one another, and learned a little too much about Tig”s connection with Venus. It was a nice throwback to some of the lighthearted moments that made this show so fun in its earlier seasons, something that even Kurt Sutter and co. seemed to recognize.

“Remember when our biggest problem was trying to figure out which Mayan to kill?” they asked themselves.

Thanks to Venus”s tip, the guys quickly found the pastor”s wife and her son, who promptly shot Tig in the tummy and had his car smashed into the lake. When Jax realized that the wife was in the car and potentially drowning, he jumped in to save her. Turns out a mother in distress is the one thing that can pull him out of the vengeful state he”s been in lately, because even though he needed her alive for now, later on he also vowed to protect her from Marks.

Maybe Nero was wrong-perhaps it is still about revenge for Jax, and not just that “it feels good.” Either way we”ll find out more next week when the Sons start digging into that Stockton mishap. 

Rising Sons:

*** Gemma wasn”t the only one talking to ghosts this week; Juice got in on the action and was actually caught chatting himself up in the hotel room. Isolation really won”t be good for that guy, but with the APB out on him he has little other choice. At least we got to see his bum one more time.

***”Charming. Our name says it all.” Welcome to town, Jarry.

*** Speaking of, it was pretty damned cute to see Jarry and Chibs hold hands. It”s an odd pairing, but I sort of want it to work out. 

*** How great would it be if, by the end of the season it was Tig and Venus walking hand-in-hand off into the sunset?

*** Speaking of Tig, he lucked out with that wound. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to get injured now that Tara isn”t around to heal anyone. I”m interested to see what happens when someone needs real medical attention now.

*** Here”s hoping that cop wakes up and starts pointing fingers. It”s been way too long since the Sons had someone making them pay for their actions. 

What did you think of “Poor Little Lambs?” Did you feel the club was gaining some semblance of its old self? Confused by all of the backstabbing and betrayals going on between clubs? Need more Courtney Love? Just in it for the hate-watching? Sound off below. 

“Sons of Anarchy” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. 

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