Recap: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ – ‘What a Piece of Work Is Man’

11.04.14 3 years ago


Still reeling over Tuesday night”s “Sons of Anarchy?” Well grease up those prison weapons, wipe those drugs off your boobs and let”s avoid solitary confinement by getting through this together, shall we?

“What a Piece of Work is Man” did the inevitable and finally forced Jax to face some repercussions from this season-long war he”s launched against Lin, Marks and anyone else who wronged him or the club along the way-even if and when they didn”t necessarily wrong him. We knew that Bobby”s days were numbered as soon as he was snatched two weeks back, but what an awful trick to play on viewers to have us think that he would actually get home safely. As soon as Moses broke Bobby”s jaw we knew something truly awful was going to go down, but watching Chibs fail to search Bobby was a whole new level of frustration-after all, Moses managed to search the kid. My first move would have been to stash a preemptive gun of my own in Franken-pastor.

Even more fist-clenching is that fact that Jax continues to think he has the upper hand this season, even though he hasn”t actually been in that situation once. He continues to push through these acts of blind revenge that are bound to blow back on him (last I checked Moses is still around to take down the Sons from outside of prison), while ignoring the issues right in front of him. 

With the Indian Hills charter seeking an outside ruling on what went down between Jax and Jury (despite Jax”s insistence that Jury admitted he was the rat) you”d think Jax would spend more time focusing on the internal strife. Sadly, rather than admit there”s a traitor in his midst (since Jury actually didn”t cop to being a rat), Jax continues ignoring reality. We all know he should probably suspect some of his most trusted allies right about now; when”s the last time he really questioned Nero”s motives, for example? 

And of course, that list includes Gemma. The slap scene in Jarry”s office was cathartic for all the viewers out there feeling particularly violent towards the character these days, and I have no qualms in admitting I would have loved to see Jarry actually arrest her. There”s nothing left about Gemma as a character to actually root for; even her guilty feelings over Bobby”s death evoked no emotions from me. Because of that, she”s become a problematic character for the show in general, one who has made people start hate-watching, just to see how it all ends. Katey Sagal plays her brilliantly, and if we trace the story back we can see why she”s made the decisions she has, but it would be nice to see her go out on a high note, would it not? The only thing the Bobby scene on Tuesday night did was provide Abel more fodder for eventually killing or outing his Grams, and as I”ve stated a few times now those are really hard scenes to accomplish with the child actors who play Abel. I just don”t buy them and I don”t love where they”re going. 

In the scenes following the reveal of Bobby”s death at the cottage, I thought for a moment that Jax had started to pick up on something being off in his household, even as he continues denying that a five-year-old can be “frustrated.” The way he looked at Gemma, grief-stricken and ignoring the kids, and then at Wendy, who was actually trying to take care of the boys, said that he knew something was up, but he was much too occupied with the task at hand (taking down Marks) to pay further attention. It”s too bad, because those are actually trying to solve Tara”s murder-Unser and Jarry, are actually getting a lot closer to the truth.

Having Juice I.D. Chris Dun is just another one of the moves that will eventually backfire on the club (although from Chib”s expression, they weren”t necessarily down with Gemma corroborating the truth). With Juice in solitary things aren”t looking good for Jax”s revenge plot, but it also buys the viewers more time for him to learn the truth. Now that Jarry was able to put “the killer” in another state the night of Tara”s murder, we officially have two more people-herself and Unser-who could potentially out Gemma. And for the love of everything, can that please just happen already? (I can”t remember the last time a secret of that magnitude has been drawn out for so long on television. Except perhaps that little old secret behind how J.T. died, I suppose.) I thought for sure that Jarry was going to go against Unser”s advice and tell Chibs that reveal, but instead we had one of the weirdest sex scenes to date. I”m all for Chibs having a relationship and all, but seriously, in a parking garage in front of another club member? Here”s hoping that was part of some elaborate scheme for Jarry to protect herself in the future or something along those lines. 

Sadly for now, we”ll just have to be patient, continue the waiting game and grieve for one-time Elvis impersonator Bobby Munson. 

Bullet points:

*** “Stop saying that. Every time you do something else bad happens.” How we all feel about Jax telling people to trust him.

*** When did Wendy become the most sane person in the room, and who thought it was a good idea to let her come close to drugs? Thankfully she abstained … for now?

*** Where are we at with the Juice”s bum drinking game? Do you think he did extra squats before this season in preparation? Also I hope to never see him “spit” again. That scene went on a few seconds too long for my taste.

*** When did Ratboy”s lovelife become a thing? Will those two be our happy ending? 

*** We had some fun Happy scenes on Tuesday night, courtesy of him being run over on the road of course, but also while digging up dead bodies. Who knew he was so into … carving.

*** Speaking of that scene, Tig just needs to be in all of them. He”s the lightest (and kind of the best) part of the show nowadays. No wonder he”s the subject of so many spinoff jokes. 

*** “If you ever slap me again I”ll shoot you in the throat.” And we all wonder why Abel has anger issues?

What did you think of “What a Piece of Work is Man?” Are you as frustrated with SAMCRO”s recent moves as we are? Looking at Nero a little differently this morning? Hoping this Abel stuff somehow goes away? Sound off in the comments. 

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX. 

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