Recap: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ – ‘The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get’

11.06.14 3 years ago

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If the Delena fans out there are thinking of forming a support group, well, they would definitely be justified. Thursday night”s episode of “The Vampire Diaries” could have been a hot and heavy reunion episode for the masses to gif for the near foreseeable future; instead it became a source of frustration for anyone tuning in. 

With Damon back and Stefan in the know, it was quickly put upon Elena to figure out whether she wanted to actually remember her vampire soul mate boyfriend, or continue living in the oblivious pom-pom throwing existence she had created for herself in his absence. 

When she picked the latter, it”s safe to say that the events that followed shocked nobody. 

A couple of weeks ago, when Elena first picked this life, I wrote how worried I was about Alaric”s safety. After all, nothing beats a romance that has had to reinvent itself, twice. Damon and Elena falling in love all over again, especially since right now she pretty much hates his guts, is way more romantic than the aforementioned “hot and heavy” reunion. 
Now, thanks to creepy Tripp”s vampire-hunting posse, (not to mention a completely oblivious Jo), Elena will never be able to regain her memories of Damon-even though it would have made perfect sense for the spell to have been broken as soon as Alaric was no longer a supe. So instead, we”re going to contend with the annoying character traits that have resurfaced with Elena letting go of Damon, instead of reveling in the two as a power couple for vampire hunters to contend with. For now, anyhow.

But enough of them. With Damon back, we finally saw shadows of the old Stefan return, and at least attempt to make amends with Caroline. Those two aren”t going to be sipping bloody milkshakes in diners together anytime soon, but at least they”re on their way. Caroline might not be able to express her feelings as of yet (and we”re not 100 per cent sure that they”re reciprocated), but now that she”s laid her non-friend card down, Stefan would have to be ridiculously dense not to get it. How many times does a girl have to bat her eyelashes anyhow? It can”t have anything to do with Ivy, since we now know she was clearly a distraction. (Also are we to assume she”s officially dead now? And did anyone else out there actually forget her name for a minute?)

If Stefan doesn”t smarten up soon, he may have some competition now that Enzo is back in the picture. I”m sure it won”t bode well with the sly vamp that Stefan is the one who turned him into Tripp in the first place, but now that Stefan has stepped up and saved the day, perhaps forgiveness is in store. 
Which brings me to Jo. It was beyond frustrating to watch her refusal to bring Alaric back across the town lines (part of me hoped she had magic”d the border clean). I get that the guy always hated being a vampire and that this is a good thing for him, but with his supernatural abilities and Jo”s (potential) witchy ways, I was sort of curious to see where that could have gone. 

Now I feel like we have a Jeremy + Bonnie 2.0 situation going on, and I want to see how that plays differently than in the past. If Jo is indeed a witch then there”s a chance she could help save Bonnie (and get rid of that ridiculous Mystic Falls ban), but she”ll obviously take some convincing. It sure would be convenient though, wouldn”t it?

As for Jeremy, well my heart continued to break for the poor guy. We learned that he”d paid Bonnie”s cell phone bill just so that he could hear her say the same six words over and over again (hands up if you swooned by Damon tried calling), but now he might finally be ready to give her up. That is, until he learns that she was in “purgatory” with Damon. And let”s be honest: we all know that will happen at some point. Everyone always seems to lie to Jeremy to protect him, but dude finds out one way or another. 

Too bad the same can”t be said for Elena.

Bitting points

*** “I”m sorry I”m confused about which vampires we like and which ones we don”t.” Agreed. Where do we draw the line?

*** I was expecting more from the Damon and Alaric reunion. Where”s the bromance?

*** That door scene between Damon and Elena … symbolic? Yes. I”m happy it came full circle in the end though.

*** Matt”s storyline could use some beefing up, right? I have confidence that a snide remark or two from Damon will help get that in ship shape soonest.

*** WHERE was Tyler all episode long, by the way?

*** Is Jo really going to put a ban on blood bags? How is everyone supposed to get their grub on?

*** The CW could probably make a killing if they just starting selling Elena grad pics with stick figures drawn on them, right?

Were you happy with the way the Delana reunion played out? What do you think of Jo and her “witchy” ways? Waiting for Stefan to smarten up? Sound off below. 

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. 

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