Recap: ‘The Voice’ – ‘The Blind Auditions, Pt. 4’

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The blind auditions continue! Right now!

8:01 p.m. EST – Ducky from Pennsylvania has a silly mustache, and he paints. If he gets on “The Voice,” he can get married! So, there’s a lot at stake. I’d suggest he could get married anyway, as he probably needs someone to help support him and pay his bills, but alright. He performs “Tighten Up.” Though he has a pretty unique, nuanced voice, no one turns for Ducky. Cee-Lo just didn’t feel he was the best. Christina wishes she’d pressed her button. Adam declares he has a sweet mustache! Easy to say when you’re not stuck grooming him, Adam. Blake offers him a sip from his cup. Ducky takes it, because it’s all he’s getting. Blake thinks he’ll look back and regret not snapping him up. Carson invites everyone to weigh in on whether @duckydukemusic was unfairly overlooked. 

8:09 p.m. – Next we have Jonathus, his two kids and his wife. He’s been quite busy for a 23-year-old. He was born in Brazil, came here at age 5, and he had to learn English listening to music. He’s nervous. Again, so much is at stake! He takes a Tebow knee before he performs “U Got It Bad.” Sounds like Usher, according to Adam. Cee-Lo turns. Christina turns. Christina noticed the girls grinding in the audience and had to see the guy. She wants to mold Jonathus and package him. But Cee-Lo can do anything! Christina’s been doing this since she was 4-years-old! He goes with Christina, as he’s had the hots for her for years. And, you know, she’s hugely talented. Let’s go with that, Jonathus. 

8:16 p.m. – Monique Benabou is from Alameda. She’s 23. She wants to give her parents a huge thank you. Her mother had breast cancer when Monique was 12. She wants to help her family out. She sings “Mr. Know It All.” Not loving this, as it’s technically great but lacks some personality. Christina finally takes the bait. There’s hugging. 

8:25 p.m. – Carson meets with a street musician, Nala Kete, in Santa Monica to give her her invite. She has very, very long dreadlocks. She performs “The Lazy Song.” Blake turns around IMMEDIATELY. Oddly, I think her voice is very breathy. Still, Cee-Lo turns, too. Nala tells Cee-Lo he pushes all her buttons. Christina tells Nala she liked her voice, but didn’t see a spot for her on her team. Blake fell in love with her voice, while Cee-Lo felt there was an honesty and calm in her voice that made him want to be around her energy. She picks…Blake. Blake is tickled. 

8:37 p.m. – Charlotte Sometimes‘ jaw could have fractured from some kind of ailment I’ve never heard of. But she’s fine now. But wait! She’s not up right now! 

8:38 p.m. – Erick Macek‘s parents left Slovakia for America, and he wants to live the American dream. He’s singing “Free Fallin'” by Tom Petty. But not so well, honestly. It’s not terrible, but it’s dull. No one turns for Erick. The American dream is, if not dead, at least tarnished for Erick. Cee-Lo thanks him for coming out. Christina thought it was too mellow and didn’t go anywhere. Blake says he almost pushed his button, but he didn’t think he’d do well in a battle round. His parents still love him, though. 

8:47 p.m. – Back to Charlotte! She’s singing “Apologize.” She seems nervous, but her voice is great. Adam and Blake turn at the same moment. Cee-Lo turns next, then Christina. All four judges want her. Nice! Christina loved it. Cee-Lo thought she opened like a flower. Adam thinks she’s so unique, and thinks she has a cool, simple thing. Christina wouldn’t call her simple. She’s making a decision she didn’t think she was going to make! Who? She’s going with… Blake! Wow, Blake only has four more spots left. He’s had a good night. 

8:56 p.m. – Tony Vincent is an old pro on Broadway. He’s been in “Rent,” Green Day’s “American Idiot,” you name it. His wife is also a Broadway pro, except she’s on break because she’s preggers. He performs “We Are the Champions.” Someone HAS to turn for this guy. It takes guts to take on Freddie Mercury. Cee-Lo spins. And that’s it. Adam seems bummed he didn’t turn around. Christina loved his passion and intensity. Blake thinks Cee-Lo is the king of over-the-top performances, so Tony’s great for him. That’s a pretty back handed compliment, but he’s right — Tony is best for Cee-Lo.  

9:01 p.m. – Anthony Evans is a preacher’s kid. He’s been on the road for ten years as a gospel act. He’s singing “What’s Going On.” Really tough to take on a song like this one that’s so iconic, but he’s more than solid. Christina turns just seconds before his time is up. Cee-Lo felt emotionally involved. Blake thinks it took Christina longer to push her button because he was asking her to, and she doesn’t want to listen to him. Doesn’t matter. She gets him. 

9:11 p.m. – Jamie Lono, who makes sandwiches at Potbelly in Chicago, gets his invite at work. When he was 2, he had half of his lung removed and his family went bankrupt. He’s singing “Folsom Prison Blues.” Adam turns instantly. Definitely gets points for making this his own, which is saying something. Cee-Lo turns next. Cee-Lo loves that he put some soul in a Johnny Cash song. Hey, Cee-Lo eats sandwiches! It’s a fit! Adam wants to make sure he never has to make sandwiches again. Adam also thought Jamie was soulful. He wants different. Cee-Lo thinks he has his own vision. Jamie picks… Cee-Lo. 

9:21 p.m. – Dylan Chambers is the son of a voice teacher. He never met his father, so he was stuck in his room a lot. Because no boy wants to spend time with his mom, ick. Wow, I already dislike Dylan a bit. He’s singing “Valerie.” Why this song? Really wish he’d picked something else. No one spins for Dylan. Cee-Lo loved the last note, but it was too late. Christina didn’t get that magic moment. 

9:25 p.m. – Nathan Anderson didn’t get anywhere. Neither did Luna Searies. Adam Lasher, also a no-go. 

9:26 p.m. – Justin Hopkins was in the Carson Daly house band. So yeah, he had a connection. He’s got a kid and a wife. Oh, and he wants Cee-Lo as his coach. It’s do or die for Justin. He sings “Babylon,” and it’s good though I’d like a big moment from him. Finally, Cee-Lo turns around. He wants to polish Justin and Justin gives Cee-Lo a hug. 

9:34 p.m. – Nicolle Galyon wants to play piano AND sing country. She didn’t sing in front of anyone until she was 20-years-old, so this isn’t easy for her. She sings “You Save Me.” Adam spins for her. She has a very pretty, confident voice. Adam declares that his teammates are stupid for not turning around. He could tell she was nervous, but when she wasn’t, she was special. Adam now has four spots left on his team. 

9:38 p.m. – A montage of team picks: Ashley De La Rosa ends up with Christina. Jordan Rager gets Blake. Karla Davis lands with Adam. ALyX gets Blake. 

9:45 p.m. – Mathai thought she had to follow in her family’s footsteps by pursuing medicine, but she wants to sing! But wait! 

9:46 p.m. – Eric Tipton is a 300 pound white guy who sings soul music. He didn’t get along with his dad when he was a kid, so his encouragement now means a lot. He sings “You Make My Dreams,” which doesn’t seem so old-school soul to me, but okay. I’m not surprised when no one turns around for him. Cee-Lo says he loved that song as a kid, but it wasn’t enough. Adam thinks it’s too hard to get there because the original version was burned in his head. 

9:53 p.m. – It’s Mathai’s turn! She sings “Rumor Has It.” Adam turns around almost instantly. Blake turns next. Then, Cee-Lo. Only Christina doesn’t spin for her. Blake declares they’re all looking at a star. Adam thinks she doesn’t sound like anyone else. He loved her sassiness. He loves her. Cee-Lo thinks she’s beautiful and has the whole thing going. Christina thinks she added her own thing to Adele’s song. She decides to go with Adam. Adam only has two spots left. 

There’s only one more night for everyone to fill their rosters. And, apparently, Betty White and the Lorax will make appearances. Not sure what to think about that, really.

Who do you think was the strongest singer of the night? Do you think Eric was sent home too soon? Was there anyone you think shouldn’t have made a team? 

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