Regis Philbin tries out ‘Millionaire’ in daytime

11.26.09 8 years ago


Regis Philbin is set to reprise his role as host of “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire,” but in a new context.
ABC announced on Wednesday (Nov. 25) that Philbin has taped a week of episodes as host of the daytime version of the game show hit, filling in for Emmy-winning regular host Meredith Vieira. 
This will be the first time Philbin has hosted the the daytime “Millionaire” and episodes will air from Nov. 30-Dec. 4. During Philbin’s stint, “Live with Regis and Kelly” executive producer (and frequent on-air presence) Michael Gelman will appear on “Millionaire” as well, serving as Expert for the Ask the Expert lifeline.
Philbin has been the primetime host of “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” since it premiered in 1999. The show and Philbin both returned to primetime this past August as part of an 11-episode 10th anniversary run which probably didn’t prove successful enough for ABC to plan an imminent encore.
Earlier in the week, Philbin announced that he’ll be undergoing hip replacement surgery, taking a leave of absence from “Regis and Kelly.” He isn’t expected back to his daytime hit until early next year.

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