Report: ‘Dark Knight Rises’ trailer will be paired with ‘The Avengers’

04.21.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

Warner Bros.

The next leg in the summer superhero movie relay race is about to take place.

As the waiting for one superhero blockbuster finally comes to an end, the final phase of marketing for another one will just be getting started. The final trailer for Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” will reportedly run before both 2D and 3D screenings of Marvel’s “The Avengers.”

The pairing gives moviegoers the rare chance to experience Marvel mania and DC mania at the same time, although “Iron Man” was the first film to feature the final trailer for “The Dark Knight” back in 2008.

This time around, comic book fans can get a glimpse at the last Batman film in Nolan’s cycle just moments before finally taking in the Joss Whedon-directed action of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes — featuring Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Captain America (Chris Evans) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth). That’s a lot of heroes.

As pointed out by, the information was found on a Warner Bros. exhibitors site, so it sounds fairly legit. Not to mention that it makes perfect sense. 

“The Avengers” opens May 4, while “The Dark Knight Rises” opens July 20.


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