Report: FOX may turn ’24’ into a limited series for Kiefer Sutherland

05.09.13 5 years ago 9 Comments


Is FOX looking to Jack Bauer to save the day again?
Well… Maybe?
According to, FOX is considering developing a return to “24” as a limited series, part of the network’s new push toward what used to be called miniseries back in the day.
The report is mighty vague and carefully emphasizes that nobody actually has a deal in place to do anything, but it also says that Howard Gordon has pitched 20th Century Fox and Imagine TV, as well as FOX, on a miniseries plan and that everybody is theoretically excited. Kiefer Sutherland is, in fact, “in talks” for the project, if you happen to buy this.
The eight-season “24” run ended on FOX in 2010. At its peak, “24” was a reliable midseason drama for FOX and contributed to the network’s reshaped identity as a January-to-May powerhouse. The series won the 2006 Emmy for Best Drama Series and also earned Sutherland a Lead Actor Emmy. A year-long hiatus due to the writers’ strike led to the Emmy nominated telefilm “24: Redemption.”
For years, there was incessant talk about a “24” movie, but those discussions and plans appear to have fallen apart for the last time, at least until they’re restarted.
Sutherland’s current FOX drama, “Touch,” is expected to be cancelled.
What do you think? Does this sound desperate? Or would you welcome Jack Bauer back into your home?

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