Report: NBC wants to hire Pippa Middleton as a ‘Today’ correspondent

06.25.14 3 years ago

Report: NBC wants to hire Pippa Middleton as a “Today” correspondent
The Peacock is set to make a job offer following Matt Lauer”s exclusive interview with the sister of Kate Middleton, according to Page Six. A source says: “NBC, along with all the major networks, have been trying to sign Pippa for some time. NBC is set to make a fresh approach to her following the interview.”

ABC”s “World News” will look more like “GMA” after Diane Sawyer leaves
“There”s going to be more of an editorial mix,” a source says of David Muir taking over. PLUS: Watch Diane Sawyer address the transition.

Binge TV-watching is more likely to kill you, researchers find
Sitting down and watching TV all day is deadlier than sitting down at your desk or in a car all day.

“Wilfred” boss: Our show convinced a fan not to commit suicide
Showrunner David Zuckerman writes: “It”s been a very emotional journey for me. Tremendously satisfying, but also challenging and bittersweet. Shortly after the pilot received a production order, my beloved dog George died suddenly.”

Jennie Garth & Tori Spelling made sure “Mystery Girls” was like their real-life friendship
“Our banter in real life is our guideline,” says Garth. “We talk sometimes and it makes no sense to anyone else.” PLUS: ABC Family tonight is showing “Mystery Girls”” 3rd episode first.

Vanessa Bayer is pulling for Hillary Clinton “not just because I impersonate her” on “SNL”
“I definitely hope that she runs for president,” she says.

Why Dr. Oz still has a medical license
As notes: “The fact that Oz hasn't lost any credentials speaks to a larger challenge in modern medicine: Once you get a medical license, its actually really difficult to lose it.”

Jenny Slate learned “SNL” fired her from the web
“Lorne and I never talked when I was fired at the end of the season; I got the news online,” says Slate, who was on “Saturday Night Live” for the 2009-10 season and was most famous for saying the F-word live on air. “I”ve still never watched the clip of my f-k-up. That”d be like watching yourself fall down the aisle at your wedding! I feel like it happened to somebody else, and I want to tell her, ‘Oh, girl. I”m so sorry, but you need to move on.””

New White House press secretary”s favorite “West Wing” character is Josh Lyman
Josh Earnest, who started his new job this week, also says he prefers “The West Wing” over “House of Cards” because “I am an optimist.”

“Wheel of Fortune” vs. “Jeopardy!”
Which game show makes you feel dumber?

Since “Frasier” ended, Kelsey Grammer has had to embrace playing villain roles
. I have been extremely blessed and honored to play Frasier. It was a highlight of my life,” he says. “But is it a problem in terms of casting? Yeah, probably. I”m working through it.”

“Gotham” releases individual character posters
“The Good. The Evil. The Beginning.” PLUS: “Gotham” director watched “Serpico” and “The French Connection” for inspiration.

“Game of Thrones” fan”s $30K 7-foot-2 Iron Throne replica can”t fit in his apartment
Mike Ross is trying to sell the Iron Throne that he won.

Ex-“Scandal” star Columbus Short ordered to pay $21.5K per month in child and spousal support
Short didn”t actually show up in the family court proceeding that ordered him to pay his estranged wife.

Check out a “Modern Family” Tree
With Jay and Gloria on top.

“Hey Arnold!” voice star dies
Steve Viksten, who helped develop the Nicktoons series, was 54.

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