Review: Does Paramore’s new single, ‘Ignorance’ need decoding?

07.07.09 8 years ago

AP Photo/Evan Agostini

 Punk pop band fronted by Hayley Williams spits out “Ignorance is your new best friend” on “Ignorance,” the first single from its forthcoming  CD, “Brand New Eyes,” out Sept. 29.

With its clipped lyrics and fast-paced melody, the spunky “Ignorance” sounds like it could be from Fall Out Boy–just substitute Patrick Stump for Williams.  It’s quick, catchy and very appealing-think  “Misery Business 2009” in terms of the peppiness.

While “Ignorance” breaks no new ground for  Paramore, the performance shows an increased level of confidence, no doubt brought about from the success from the band’s appearance on the “Twilight” soundtrack and seemingly endless touring with acts like No Doubt.

Speaking of “Twilight,”  if you became a fan through “Decode,” which appeared on the vampire movie soundtrack,  you may be a little surprised given the downright swagger of “Ignorance,” but more older Paramore fans will be happy to hear the Evanescence influence seems to be gone.

Hear “Ignorance” on the official Paramore website.

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