Review: Lady GaGa’s ‘The Fame Monster’

11.17.09 8 years ago


First came ‘The Fame,” now comes “The Fame Monster,” an enhanced version of Lady GaGa”s “The Fame” featuring eight new tracks.
The new cuts are available for streaming on MTV”s “The Leak.”
Here”s a track by track look at the new cuts on  “Fame Monster”:
 “Bad Romance”: Already shaping up as another massive hit for Lady GaGa, “Bad Romance” grows more infectious upon repeated listening, but it remains a collage of song snippets more than any kind of real tune. She”s still ripping off Madonna”s “Vogue” in the spoken section and Laura Branigan in the sing-along, mid-’80s chorus. The video is, hands down, the best clip of the year.
“Alejandro”: a throwaway track that opens like a sappy Mexican telenovela before turning into LG”s version of “Isla Bonita.”
“Monster”: Adorable mid-tempo dance number that features LG singing with an autotuned homage to ’80s dance pop thrown in. For those of us old enough to remember, the “Ate My Heart” refrain will definitely delightfully recall Stacy Q”s “Two of Hearts.” Plus we get to hear GaGa (she tells us not to call her that, by the way) sing for an extended patch of time.
“Speechless”: The closest we”ve heard Lady GaGa come to a rock tune, complete with electric guitars and an ELO-like production. GaGa”s full –on singing here without a sense of post-modern irony. We like it, but wouldn”t want to hear a full album of it. Definitely one of the more intriguing tunes here because it reveals a different side from her hits.
“Dance in the Dark”: A fairly undynamic, mid-tempo dance track that salutes “saline” and “silicone” and a girl who has plenty of both, but they don”t make up for the love her boyfriend withholds. And there she goes with the spoken-word again. Madonna wants her voice back. At least GaGa isn”t affecting fake British accent too.

featuring Beyonce: A sibling to “Video Telephone,” featured on Beyonce”s “I Am… Sasha Fierce,”  “Telephone” is a mid-paced dance number about finally hanging up so you can hit the dance floor. The melody recalls “Poker Face” and Ciara”s “Goodies.” (Plus, of course, any number of Madonna-dance oriented numbers).
Beyonce doesn”t have a lot to do here other provide a fun interlude about leaving her phone at home. “I should have left my phone at home because this is such a disaster,” she sings with great attitude.   Really fun track.

“So Happy I Could Die”
: Another chance for Lady GaGa to sing. Again, she sounds remarkably like Madonna, but in this case crossed with Rihanna because of the “hey-ey-hey-ey” refrain.  Hypnotic and a fun sing-along, this could be a single.

: “Show me your teeth.” That”s a novel pick-up line if we”ve ever heard one. Then, of course, there”s the more traditional “Don”t want your money, just want your sex.” This stomp of a song that sounds like it could be in a musical. Really inventive and intriguing more than catchy, but compelling in a way that many of the other songs on “Fame Monster” are not.  “Open your mouth boy, show me what you got.” I”ll have to try that one. Can”t wait to see the video on this one.  
“The Fame Monster” begins rolling out in three different configurations on Monday, Nov. 23. That day, fans can purchase only the eight new songs or the “Deluxe Version,” which features the original 13 tracks from “The Fame” and these eight new songs on an additional disc.
Then on Dec. 15, LG fanatics can buy the “Limited Edition” version, which includes the deluxe version and such oddities as a puzzle, 3-D glasses and, yes, a lock of her hair. Shortly thereafter, you will be served with a restraining order to make sure you stay at least 500 feet from your object of desire.

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