This ‘Walking Dead’ Threat Sounds Way Better When Rick Grimes Drops An F-Bomb

Deputy Entertainment Editor

Warning: NSFW language obviously.

Despite being a show revolving around an apocalyptic dystopia so bleak the characters should be swearing a blue streak up and down the Georgia countryside, AMC will not allow Grimes and company the luxury. Sure, you can live in a world that delights in close-ups of bursting zombie innards. Or a world that utilizes a room full of disembodied heads floating in tanks. Or even a world that can justify the murder of children. But don't you dare say the f-word. 

Yet for one shining moment Andrew Lincoln was allowed to channel the gritty language of Robert Kirkman's graphic novels in this deleted scene. During Rick's final line of Season 4, he was forced to say “They're screwing with the wrong people.” Well that just doesn't hold the same threat as the uncensored version below.

[Via MTV]

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