Rihanna talks fashion, revenge and her surprising choice for a collaboration

02.24.10 8 years ago

Rihanna has certainly done some stellar collaborations in her short career, including with Jay Z and Kanye West on the recent Grammy-winner “Run This Town,” but guess who she really wants to work with? Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa. Talk about a power trio.

I interviewed Rihanna as part of her AOL Sessions taping a few weeks ago. Other than a few red-carpet interviews, I”d never met her and found her charming and funny. And may we add she can stand in the highest heels we”ve ever seen and not topple over. Add that to her list of talents.

In addition to wanting to work with those other two hotter-than-hot ladies, Rihanna would really like to delve more into acting, particularly comedy. Anyone who saw her “Saturday Night Live” digital short with “Shy Ronnie” (Andy Samberg) knows she has got comedy chops worth developing. She”d also like to eventually launch a fashion line.

But before any of that can happen, she”s got a big world tour to take care of. The outing starts in April in the spring. She says it”s going to be a “massive production.” I don”t know if the band will be the same configuration that she bought to “Sessions,” but they were great, especially Extreme”s Nuno Bettencourt on guitar.






“Rated R,” Rihanna”s latest album, has sold very well, if not spectacularly, in the U.S. (around 650,000 copies in three months) and that pleases her since she knows its often dark tone threw fans of “Umbrella” and “Don”t Stop the Music” for a loop.

“When we first made ‘Rated R,” I kind of braced myself, prepared myself for it to be a culture shock to people”s ears, especially my fans, who are used to the type of music that I have been doing so far,” she says. “I knew it would have taken a while before people got into it and got into the new music, the new sound, the new look, and now people are getting it and it”s the best feeling. The album is doing really well all over the world, and that”s the best revenge.”

We never brought up Chris Brown because, quite frankly, it’s very clear that she has moved way past that relationship and there is nothing more to say about it.  Good for her.

See her AOL Sessions performance of “Rude Boy” below.

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