Ringo Starr, Jeff Bridges, Aerosmith celebrating John Lennon’s 70th on YouTube

10.09.10 7 years ago

Happy 70th Birthday, John Lennon! The legendary and late Beatle, solo artist and activist would be 70 years old on Oct. 9, and, as previously reported, there’s plenty of celebrating going on.

YouTube apparently wanted in on the action so for 24 hours over Saturday, a series of videos from famous friends and admirers will be streaming on the network’s homepage. Along with a personal message from Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono, clips from Ringo Starr, Brian Wilson, Aerosmith, the Jonas Brothers, Jeff Bridges, Tony Hawk, Bret Michaels, DMC from Run-DMC), Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Bill Walton and others will reflect on the songwriter’s legacy.

Ono is also opening the devotion up to fans from all over, with a plea for fans to submit their own thoughts on video.

“I hope you’ll join me and a family of peace around the world to celebrate this very special day,” Ono says in a release.  “Send in your own video tribute to YouTube, and we will share in keeping John’s memory alive.”

And, as you’ll notice, Lennon got his own interactive Google logo doodle, with a hint of “Imagine.”

Eight of Lennon’s albums were given the remaster and reissue treatment upon release earlier this week.

“Nowhere Boy,” a biopic about two pivitol years in Lennon’s youth, is out on a limited run in theaters now; check out HitFix Melinda’s interview with that film’s star, Aaron Johnson.

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