Riot is happy to play its part in keeping the Danny Zuker and Donald Trump feud alive

05.31.13 5 years ago

I’m sharing this because I find it super funny, and also because I need to express the ambiguity I feel over the fact that Donald Trump knows I called him a wealthy Cheeto. What is “this”? Pull up a chair and allow me to explain! Earlier this week, Riot posted a series of dumb questions answered by “Modern Family” writer/EP Danny Zuker. In it, we mentioned the highly entertaining twitter feud that Danny has been having with Donald Trump.

The gist of the fight is that like many other folks who are not huge fans of the carrot-topped mogul’s politics (oddly enough, not everyone is a Birther) or general personality, Danny has long been taking shots at The Donald. Mr. Trump recently began to reply to Danny, mostly just by calling him dumb and also stupid and furthermore unsuccessful (which I consider a serious affront to the actually dumb and stupid and unsuccessful among us). For example: “Remember, @dannyzuker , you are not even the real “boss” of Modern Family – no big $$$$$$’s for you!”

Our post ran on Tuesday, and on Thursday, Danny received an email from a woman named Chelsea — who, it would seem, is Donald Trump’s executive assistant. Danny was kind enough to pass it along, so it can go on my refrigerator. The message was a concise, “Good afternoon, Mr. Zuker. I hope you are doing well. Mr. Trump would like you to see the attached note. Thank you and have a great day.” Attached was the image below.

The image, of course, being a printed copy of our interview on top of which Donald Trump seems to have highlighted his own name and written an undoubtedly sarcastic “DANNY, GOOD JOB!” It seems Donny Boy’s intent was to imply that Danny Boy’s success is somehow a product of The Donald himself, or just to make fun of Danny and by extension, us. Which, let me tell you, feels like being pantsed by God himself!

Or maybe? Donald simply got a new highlighter and wanted to try it out.

There is totally always the possibility that this is some kind of elaborate hoax, but that seems like a much weirder explanation than the one where Donald is just really into colorful markers. Anyway, know you know how Donald Trump spends his time, so probably you will become a millionaire soon. Don’t forget to buy tons of stock in highlighters.

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