Robert Downey Jr. may defy ‘Gravity’ in 3-D

03.13.10 7 years ago

AP Photo

Angelina Jolie may have missed out on her chance to star with none other than Robert Downey, Jr.  The “Wanted” star was attached to Alfonso Cuaron’s Sci-Fi thriller “Gravity” for some time, but left the project after Universal Pictures decided to jettison it.  Now, the film is at Warner Bros. without Jolie and the studio is recruiting its “Sherlock Holmes” star to join the “Children of Men” director in space.

According to, the story centers on the crew members of a remote space station who face peril when almost the entire team is killed by debris from an exploding satellite.  This leaves the crew leader (Downey, Jr.) and a female crew member (currently not cast) stranded together until help arrives.  No word yet on who Cuaron or Warner Bros. is considering for the picture’s female lead.

Cuaron will shoot “Gravity” in 3-D, a first for both the filmmaker and Downey, Jr. Production should begin this summer in London.  Downey, Jr., whose “Iron Man 2” hits theaters in less than two months, will then segue to a “Sherlock Holmes” sequel which will begin filming in the UK immediately after “Gravity” wraps.

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