RoboCop Throws Out First Pitch At Tigers Game, Is Slightly Less Awful Than 50 Cent

06.04.14 4 years ago

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

Hey, did you see how bad 50 Cent's first pitch was at the Mets game last week? Huh huh? Did you did you? It's like, home plate is that-a-way, 50! Lolz.

Anyhow, today in embarrassing ceremonial first pitches we have RoboCop pathetically tossing a ball at the Detroit Tigers game, because nothing says “urban renewal” like a man wearing a cyborg costume in the middle of a baseball stadium. Ok fine, so this was just some dumb marketing ploy to promote the DVD release of the “RoboCop” remake UGGGHHH. But hey, symbolism, or whatever!

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