Rock and Rubin: Kid Rock and Rick Rubin pair for next CD

06.22.09 8 years ago


The good news is Kid Rock has teamed with producer Rick Rubin for his next CD, which should yield some very interesting results. The bad news is the pairing will result in pushing back the title’s release to 2010.

“It’s hard to follow big records with another big record,” Kid Rock tells Billboard. “I had most of (the next album) in the stages where I could go in and finish it up. Then Rick said, ‘I look at these like demos, and we should go back in with the right players and re-cut everything…To really solidify into the big leagues, I think we have to do it this way.’ And I was like, ‘I’m open to anything.'”

The “big record” is, of course, “Rock & Roll Jesus,” which was selling nicely, but then flew off the shelves last year when  Rock’s “All Summer Long” became the summer anthem for 2008. It has now sold almost 3 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Rock tells Billboard that he and Rubin are reviewing tracks.  “Right now we’re just looking at where the record is and what’s gonna round out the record,” he explains. “Do we need a big record? Do we need this or that?’ I think we’ve got everything; it’s just a matter of zeroing in on it now.”

While Rock will take gear on the road with him, Rock’s immediate attention is on his summer tour, which starts this Friday in West Palm Beach, Fla.

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