Rose Byrne loved playing a monster in ‘Spy’

04.28.15 2 years ago

It's fun playing a sociopath. Just ask Rose Byrne.

“So fun to play someone with no empathy and no sense of consequence and no sense of — what's the word, she has everything immediately. You know, she's a queen, in a way,” Byrne told us of Rayna Boyanov, the 100% awful character she plays in “Spy” opposite Melissa McCarthy.

And it's not just her attitude that stinks. Look at this hair:

Leaving no comic stone unturned, the Paul Feig-directed film features a recurring gag in which Melissa McCarthy's character, CIA desk agent-turned-action-hero Susan Cooper, makes creative jokes at the expense of Rayna's mop — which is just the way Byrne likes it.

“I fought for that hair….I wanted to really push it to that sense of sort of borderline Eastern European, a little bit — not quite on target with the style, like a bit off,” said Byrne, who continued later: “Most of it was my hair, and then [the hairstylist] attached a big thing at the back…this filthy tail coming down. It was really weird. It was a bit like Marie Antoinette or something.”

To watch the full interview with Byrne, click on the video above.

“Spy” hits theaters on June 5.

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