ALS Ice Bucket Challenge fever has swept the cast and crew of Star Wars: Episode VII

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is the meme that can't be stopped. But unlike planking, or owling, or whatever came after owling, the IBC is doing a lot of good. So far this year the ALS Association has raised nearly $80 million. The uptick has been so sharp that think pieces are being written about if blending narcissism with charity has forever changed the fundraising landscape (for the better).

So behold the power of this fully operational social media challenge. From Han Solo to Luke Skywalker to Chewbacca and beyond, the denizens of a galaxy far, far away are helping raise awareness for ALS.

The elusive Daisy Ridley performed her IBC in the safety of the shower.
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Harrison Ford kept it short and sweet.

Mark Hamill adorkably tried to game the system and utterly failed.

Peter Mayhew brought along his wife for moral support. Awwww.

Oscar Isacc allegedly had Adam Driver and Harrison Ford under bedsheets on camera.

And JJ Abrams gave us all a spectacular view for his acceptance video.

But this list is far from comprehensive. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is like Pokemon at this point. We gotta collect 'em all! We're missing Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Gwendoline Christie, Lupita Nyong'o, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Max von Sydow, Pip Anderson, and Domhnall Gleeson. Come on guys, peer pressure is on.

In the meantime, have a bonus Warwick Davis! Fingers crossed he's actually in the sequels as surprise casting.

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