Saffron Burrows exits FOX’s ‘Bones’ spinoff ‘The Finder’

05.25.11 6 years ago 8 Comments


The main female role in FOX’s “Bones” spinoff “The Finder” is being reconceived. 
In the long-term, it’s unclear what that will mean for “The Finder.” In the short-term, “reconceived” mostly appears to mean “not Saffron Burrows.”
Burrows played bar owner and ace pilot Ike Latulippe in the “Finder” backdoor pilot, which aired this spring as an episode of “Bones.” With an added “The” in front of its title, “The Finder” will premiere on FOX next winter when “Bones” goes on hiatus. The adaptation of Richard Greener’s “Locator” novels will return without the “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” veteran.
The recasting/reconception of the character weren’t entirely unforeseen. 
In my review of the spinoff episode, I wrote, “I’m less sure about Ike and Saffron Burrows. This is the role I’d bet dollars to donuts will be the most changed if ‘Finder’ returns as a series. Remember Fiona’s accent from the ‘Burn Notice’ pilot and how it magically vanished by the second episode? It wouldn’t surprise me to hear Ike’s accent undergo a major overhaul. And just as Virgina’s tortured English has become less and less broad on ‘Raising Hope,’ I’d imagine Ike’s malapropisms will dry up in a hurry. I’m sure some of this affectation comes from the books, but I also don’t care. It doesn’t work here, or maybe it just doesn’t work for Burrows, whose actual manner of speaking is markedly more genteel.”
Other credits for Burrows include “My Own Worst Enemy,” “Boston Legal” and features like “The Bank Job.”

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