Sailor Moon Finds Her Powers And Her Man In First New English Dub Clips


Sailor Moon fever hasn't been at levels this high since the heady halcyon days of Cartoon Network's 'Toonami.' Between the all new series based on the original manga – 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal' – and the original anime series being re-released in its original Japanese, it's never been a better time to be a magical girl. As long as you have a Hulu subscription anyway.

But something was still missing. Something old and hilarious and kind of broken. The original English dub. What about those of us who want to relive our angsty teen years and our nascent interest in anime fandom that would eventually lead to the Geocities precursor to Tumblr? WHAT ABOUT US?

'Sailor Moon' has not forgotten us. In fact, the English dub is being remastered and released in a DVD box set on 11/11/14, complete with all new dialogue. There are only a couple of tiny changes we can all agree is for the best.

All the original names are in place…Sailor Moon is Usagi once more, her English moniker of Serena banished forever to terrible VHS conversion YouTube uploads. An entire decade of censorship in the name of keeping parents from having to actually talk to their kids has also been erased. All genders have reverted to their original state, meaning Zoisite is once more male, Fish Eye will be a cross dresser, and Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are no longer the awkwardly close cousins but lovers. Sorry parents, but to paraphrase Louis CK, it's not Sailor Moon's fault if you don't want to talk to your stupid kid for five minutes.

To kick the hype machine in high(er) gear, VIZMedia released a couple of clips from the new dubs to show off both the voice work and their self-aware sense of humor.

Even Usagi can't overlook Mamoru's horrible fashion sense. Love can only be so blind, after all.

You can pre-order the Season One DVD box set at VIZ Media's website!

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