Samuel Goldwyn possesses Sundance flick ‘Cold Souls’

01.31.09 9 years ago


Samuel Goldwyn has reportedly snagged the distribution rights to the Paul Giamatti metaphysical dark comedy “Cold Souls.”

“Cold Souls,” which played in competition to mixed-to-positive buzz at the Sundance Film Festival, was written and directed by Sophie Barthes and produced by Journeyman Pictures and Touchy Feely Films.

Giamatti stars as Paul Giamatti, an insecure actor who takes advantage of a revolutionary process that can remove the human soul and therefore supposedly alleviate suffering. He soon discovers that life without a soul isn’t so great and that a black market exists buying and selling souls.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this was the 11th movie to set to a distributor out of Sundance and Goldwyn’s first purchase from the Fest.

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