Samuel L. Jackson ready to put Kellan Lutz to ‘Death’

04.16.10 7 years ago

AP Photo

Samuel L. Jackson and Kellen Lutz may be seeing some action this year, even action to their “Death.” The two actors are apparently up for roles in indie action film “Deathgames,” according to THR’s Heat Vision blog.

The directorial debut for Jonah Loop, the movie centers on a modern-day gladiator arena, where online viewers watch men fight to the death. Lutz would play one of these young men, who is kidnapped and forced into the games, while Jackson would play the mastermind behind the competitions.

Loop was a visual effect supervisor on “Collateral,” “A Perfect Getaway” and other films and is producing “Arena” currently at Summit.

“Deathgames” is made with $50 million of the MPCA’s film fund, with $10 million from the other actors going into production. It’s to be shot in Louisiana.

Michael Hultquist, Robert Martinez and Tony Giglio are penning the script.

Jackson is in “Iron Man 2,” opening May 7, as Nick Fury and will start with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in “The Other Guys,” due Aug. 6.

Lutz will be in the remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” and starts shooting rom-com “Keep It Together,” opposite Mandy Moore, next week. In June, Lutz starts his role as Poseidon in Greek fantasy film “Immortals.”

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