Watch: Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy put ‘The Heat’ on a perp in new clip

04.15.13 5 years ago

20th Century Fox

You know that whole “good cop, bad cop” dynamic? Melissa McCarthy clearly has no interest in being the former.

The “Identity Thief” funnywoman and co-star Sandra Bullock face off over how to approach a weaselly-looking perp for questioning in a brand-new clip for their forthcoming buddy comedy “The Heat,” directed by “Bridesmaids” helmer Paul Feig and set for release on June 28. In short: Bullock’s character feels it’s best to ply the arrestee with coffee, while McCarthy would much rather just throw the book at him – as in literally throw the book at him.

Check out the clip (which premiered as an MTV exclusive) below, then check out a new teaser poster for the film further down the page.

The official teaser poster for The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy

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