Sarah Silverman’s ‘SNL’ monologue: Disarming, inspired and winningly awkward

10.05.14 3 years ago


Sarah Silverman's “SNL” monologue last night was pretty great all-around (among other things, she has a conversation with her fresh-faced self from 20 years ago), but I'll probably forever remember it for the sheer, terrible, delightful discomfort of one deer-in-the-headlights audience member named Lindsay (Lindsey?). God love you, Lindsay or Lindsey.

Imagine it. You've scored a front row seat to a taping of “Saturday Night Live” at Studio 8H – exciting! But you're also extremely camera shy and your internal monologue is like, Please don't call on me, Sarah Silverman, please please please even though I'm in the front row oh my god here she comes oh my god she's on my lap in my face my lap my lap WHAT DO I DO WHO WHERE HOW WHY. HELP ME. And then you're on camera for like three and a half minutes and you have to improvise and you are not a trained comedian and she's saying stuff like “we're never gonna get carried again” and it's not registering and that floor, why can't I be a part of that floor, under my feet, where it's so cool and dark.

But hey, the bit worked! It was charming and funny and real. Sarah was on fire and Lindsay or Lindsay is a great sport. I wonder if they let her keep that microphone.

Watch the full monologue below.

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