Sarah Silverman’s ‘SNL’ Stories Will Kill You (and Al Franken)

10.03.14 3 years ago

Sarah Silverman is hosting “SNL” for the first time this weekend, and that's an important milestone considering she was a featured cast member and writer on the series during its notoriously bad '94-'95 season.

Let's get one thing straight: This woman is a damn saint. Sarah is an excellent storyteller, succinct joke writer, and an utterly singular performer. She wrote my favorite joke of all time: “When life gives you AIDS, make LemonAIDS.” She also just seems cool and guileless and real and smart. Loved her book too.

Check out these “SNL” stories she shared with Seth Meyers. Stay tuned until the last clip, where she tells an amazing story about impaling Al Franken. 

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