‘Scandal’ appears to have moved past its dependence on cliffhangers

10.17.14 3 years ago


“Scandal” appears to have moved past its dependence on cliffhangers
“Scandal” was written around cliffhangers in its first three seasons, but the cliffhangers have now passed on to “How To Get Away with Murder.” As Joshua Alston says of “Scandal,” “It”s no longer a political thriller with heavy-to-a-fault spy genre flourishes, it”s 'Grey”s Anatomy' in the White House. And if that”s indeed what the writers are going for, the absence of a central, hashtag-friendly mystery makes perfect sense. I”ve been suspiciously anticipating this direction, but I”m far less worried than I was. If 'Like Father, Like Daughter' is any indication, that version of Scandal would be well-worth watching, if perhaps not the Twitter fuel it once was.” PLUS: “Scandal” Secret Service agent talks about his big role.

Leah Remini will sub for Erin Andrews as “Dancing with the Stars' co-host
Andrews is taking next week off to cover the World Series for Fox.

“Idol” fans will get to reward 1 contestant with a Golden Ticket to Hollywood
Four hopefuls – whom the judges won”t see — will be judged exclusively by the audience via an online poll.

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NBC offers a “Peter Pan Live!” teaser
Watch Christopher Walken wave his hook to the camera.

Lifetime cancels “The Lottery”
The conspiracy thriller had very disappointing numbers and was expected to be axed.

Showtime says 2.5 million watched “The Affair”s” premiere
That number, accounting for delayed and online viewership, is up significantly from the disappointing live viewership numbers.

“How to Get Away with Murder” this week: Terrible episode, magnificent ending
If you want to love the new ShondaLand series, you better learn to accept its flaws, as Kevin O”Keeffe notes. “The show doesn't feel cohesive yet, and since the plot is season-three-‘Scandal' levels of crazy, it looks like it could derail any second now,” he says. “But then, in the final five minutes of the show, Murder came roaring back.” PLUS: Viola Davis says: “When I first read the script, I was so excited, because it was my idea that I pitched…”

“The Mindy Project” and “The Good Wife” are not supposed to be “You go, girl!” fantasies
Both shows are intentionally offering flawed but complex portrayals of their female protagonists, but some female “bad fans” just don”t seem to get that.

“The Colbert Report” celebrates its final anniversary
Stephen Colbert debuted his “Daily Show” spinoff nine years ago today.

DirecTV introduces “Painfully Awkward Rob Lowe”
He follows up on “Creepy Rob Lowe” and “Less Attractive Rob Lowe.”

China gets its own “Amazing Race”
Debuting today, the Chinese version will have eight groups of stars crossing three continents and five oceans.

“Jane the Virgin”s” Gina Rodriguez: Why I turned down “Devious Maids”
“It just wasn”t my journey. It just wasn”t my past,” she says, adding that that”s no disrespect to the show”s stars.

Amy Sedaris to star in Web series “Seriously Distracted”
The first web series for the website PopSugar will star Sedaris as the head of a NYC publicity firm. It”s from Lorne Michaels” Above Average comedy network.

Danny Pudi”s post-“Community” plans include musical theater
Pudi says he”s challenging himself by singing and dancing on stage. “The singing and the dancing I”m still scared of every night,” says Pudi, who is currently apart of the off-Broadway musical “Found.”

“New Girl” copyright lawsuit dismissed
Two writers had sued earlier this year claiming that the Fox comedy was based on their 2006 pilot “Square One.”

Mario Lopez had a 1-night stand with Britney Spears!?!
The “Extra” host revealed in his memoir that he had a one-night stand with a “mega pop star” eight years ago. According to Us Weekly, that “mega pop star” is Britney Spears.

“The Bridge”s” Catalina Sandino Moreno joins “Falling Skies”
The Oscar-nominated actress will play a leftist-leaning academic named Isabella on the final season of the TNT series.

Anna Gunn tried to get “Breaking Bad” to give her a tropical island ending
The “Gracepoint” star also tells the NY Times Magazine that her dad is concerned with her taking all these dark roles. “My dad has said: 'Are you going to do a light comedy again? You”re very funny, Anna, and you don”t want people thinking you”re just all serious all the time.' Which is a very sweet, parental thing to say.”

“Grey”s Anatomy” finally humanizes Ellis Grey
Cosmopolitan asks: “Did creator Shonda Rhimes want her audience to dislike Ellis all along, just so she could drop the hammer and let everyone see that they were perhaps judging Ellis too harshly – just as Meredith had been for most of her life?”

Does “The Walking Dead” have too big a cast this season?
There are a whopping 17 cast members this season – and “some of them will die,” jokes Robert Kirkman.

Inside “The Knick”s” sterile hospital sets
Production designer Howard Cummings says: “I can make this modern by shutting down the color palette and making it pretty much like a black and white movie.”

When will “Manhattan” get to the dropping of the atomic bomb?
The creator and director of the WGN America series talk about what the future holds after Sunday”s Season 1 finale.

Ex-“Glee” star Charice tells Oprah: “My soul is…male”
Charice Pempengco, who came out last year, says she has no plans to transition to a male.

How NBC could learn from its 1st “IT Crowd” mistake
Bill Lawrence will need to do what “The Office” did and change the dynamic of the UK hit for American viewers.

Remembering Elizabeth Peña: She could”ve been a big-time TV star in 1987
Peña played a maid who married her employer in the short-lived sitcom “I Married Dora.”

25 insights into Shonda Rhimes: She isn”t convinced President Obama has watched “Scandal”
The Hollywood Reporter also notes that Rhimes hated being called by ABC”s Entertainment president “the Charles Dickens of the 21st century, if Charles Dickens was black and a woman.” Plus, there”s a poster of the Britney Spears movie “Crossroads,” which Rhimes wrote, hanging in her conference room. PLUS: Examining the Shonda Rhimes Revolution.

Did “Breaking Bad” inspire a scientific TV show trend?
Shows like “Masters of Sex,” “The Knick” and “Manhattan” showcase a new kind of scientist on TV.

Here are 7 “Once Upon a Time” characters who”ve been “Frozen” out
More screen time for “Frozen” has resulted in less screen time for these seven.

“Full House” creator is selling his home for $30 million
Check out the home purchased with “Full House” money.

NBC buys Amy Poehler”s church comedy
The project will focus on an agnostic woman who inherits a church.

Some of “The Wire” stars thought the show would flop
“A lot of us were like, ‘Uh, I don”t know, this is kind of slow,”” Sonja Sohn said last night at PaleyFest in NYC. Wendell Pierce joked, “I was calling my agent like, ‘Listen, call Law & Order. I”m going to be free in about two weeks.””

“Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner kicked Steve-O in his private parts
The “Jackass” star appears with the “Sansa Stark” actress in the movie “Barely Lethal.”

4 “Pee-wee”s Playhouse” will be livestreamed Saturday morning
It”s part of a promotion for the DVD Blu-ray box set.

Brooks Wheelan on his 1-year “SNL” stint: “It's a place where you have super high highs and really low lows”
“When it worked, I loved it,” he says. “When I got to do Weekend Update, that was a great feeling. But when you're not on the show that is a huge bummer.” PLUS: Wheelan says he”s not watching “SNL” this season, and after this interview he”ll stopping talking about it.

See the “Modern Family” cast in their Halloween costumes
There will be a psych ward-theme to this year”s holiday episode.

“Transporter: The Series” debuts on TNT
Chris Vance says of his role as The Transporter, which debuts Saturday: “He”s like the UPS guy – but he”s got an Audi.”

Watch the full trailer for “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce”
Lisa Edelstein stars in the first-ever Bravo scripted series.

Lifetime”s “Big Driver” uses Stephen King”s name to “peddle tired exploitation nonsense”
“From the casting to the marketing, Lifetime appears determined to lend a touch of class to exploitation dreck,” says Brian Lowry. “And the sad truth is that strategy will probably work, to the extent the movie dovetails with Lifetime”s much-lampooned old women-in-peril movie niche, once one gets past the marquee names.”

“Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways” is like an Anthony Bourdain show, but with a more square and more earnest Dave Grohl
“Mr. Grohl is less present than Mr. Bourdain, though perhaps more controlling,” Mike Hale says of the HBO docuseries. “He cedes screen time to his interview subjects, which is smart, and to his fellow band members, which is generous. It”s enough to make you believe that promoting his new album is less important to Mr. Grohl than paying forward 25 years of rock-star privilege.” PLUS: The only problem is Grohl wants to cover so much ground that the show starts to lose focus, and Dave Grohl declares the Foo Fighters” Letterman residency the “Best Week of Our Lives!!!”

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