Watch Britney Spears’ sexy new video: ‘If U Seek Amy’

03.12.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

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Britney Spears’ new video, “If U Seek Amy,” has its exclusive premiere on her website today

 It’s not like there’s a story in the song’s lyrics:  the tune is basically built around the not-so-clever device of the oh-so-nasty little word play you create if you say the title quickly…basically, the kind of joke you make in junior high. (Some radio stations have protested, so there’s a sanitized version called “If You See Amy.”

That said, “…Baby One More Time” was hardly Shakespeare and yet Spears launched a career off of the little, not-so-innocent school girl look. (Or, as I heard the record exec who signed her once say in a true “ewww” moment:  A girl you wanted to “defile…”)

 The video takes place the morning after a debauched party the night before. Or if could be a bordello, not that there’s not a lot of difference in a lot of videos anymore.

 The plot-as it were-is Brit Brit is looking for her friend Amy, who’s quite the party girl, but no one seems to actually know what Amy looks like.

There are lots of gorgeous bodies-male and female– and some cool dancing (although Spears is either seated during one of the scenes or shot mainly from the waist up), but not much more.

 When it goes to the bridge, there’s a fairly neat twist coming, where the party girl turns into a “Desperate Housewives”-type, pie-carrying (cherry, no doubt), soccer mom. Wild swinger by night,  PTA president/Girl Scout leader by day.

  Of course, all that really matters is how does Spears look? (The singing is mainly autotuned-robotic, flat and inconsequential). The answer is fabulous. She looks sexy and fit and that’s really all that Spears is trying to prove these days. All in all, the Virgin Mobile commercial before the clip is infinitely more entertaining.

To see the video click here.

What do you think of the new video? Hot and sexy? Or, silly and forgettable? Share your thoughts below.

Or, while it’s still up, check out this version on You Tube below.

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